An honest review of the iPhone XR


While it is exhilarating to get a new phone, it can also be pretty frustrating to figure out which phone to buy. Top phones include the iPhone XR and iPhone XS, Samsung Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel 3. The iPhone XR is a versatile phone with many of its defining features.

The iPhone XR is unique in many ways. First off, it is thin. It has dimensions of 0.33 inches by 2.98 inches by 5.94 inches, and it weighs only 194 grams. Colors for the phone include red, yellow, white, orange, coral, black and blue.

One of its defining features is the display. It consists of an all-glass display enclosure, specifically a liquid retina HD display. Watching videos and playing games look so much richer and well resolved as a result of this feature. Most of the older phones do not have this kind of display. With its HDR, taking pictures has become more than just taking pictures. Each picture is rich in detail, both of the subject and the background. Depth and shadow have become more significant when taking pictures and the iPhone XR provides such features. Also, taking pictures in the dark is possible with the new technology. Portrait mode allows one to take a defining photo of the individual while keeping the background blurred.

With this phone, one can also do some fun things. One feature is creating a memoji or an animoji. One makes an avatar that resembles his or her personality and it can be used for messages or pictures. The camera identifies the gestures and applies it to the memoji, so it becomes more realistic.

Another feature is its amazing battery life. It lasts a whole day and only needs to charge for two or three hours. I had the LG Stylo 2 before this and I found a significant difference. It also uses an A12 Bionic chip. This chip gives the phone its performance and speed. Playing games has never been as good, and virtual and augmented reality has become possible and realistic.

The phone uses face recognition as a new security advancement. Instead of always typing a code or using a fingerprint, the phone recognizes the face and eyes and unlocks. This feature has also been useful for certain websites. For instance, when I try to log on to Blackboard, it uses face recognition and then logs me in. Face ID is also important for Apple Pay, which is a service that allows one to make a payment via the phone rather than to have a physical credit or gift card. Credit cards are confidential, so security is of utmost importance.

Setting up the phone is a breeze. Whether you had an older iPhone or an Android, the iPhone XR provides the options of syncing all data from one device to another or starting fresh.

Another cool feature is group Facetime. Rather than just video calling one individual, one can call up to 32 individuals. This is effective for various purposes such as group projects or conference meetings.

Why would buying the iPhone XR be better than buying the iPhone XS? It all boils down to the price. Buying the new iPhone XS is at least an extra $200, which is hefty.

The iPhone XR serves the need of a person who texts, calls, uses the internet, and many other things. Apple still provided many rich features in this phone, so quality is not sacrificed for price. If I were you, I would head to the Apple store and purchase a new iPhone XR.