Duo in HoHo Show Share Love for St. Louis

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Duo in HoHo Show Share Love for St. Louis

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The Point continued their string of HoHo Shows at The Pageant with the duo of lovelytheband and Bastille Thursday, Nov. 29. The combination of the two bands was something that I would never have put together first, but the two performances ended up being a perfect pair.

The sold-out show was packed with fans of all ages, showing the diversity of the audience. The general admission floor was even blocked off from allowing more people to enter the pit. The sides of The Pageant were swarming with people, and everyone in the stands had to get cozy with whoever they were sitting next to for the next 4 hours.

Lovelytheband first waltzed out on stage with a casualness, that even made them appear cooler somehow. The LA-based indie-pop band quickly rose to fame this summer with their single “Broken” being played across all major radio stations.

Mitchy Collins, the lead singer came out and chorused the rest of the band into two songs, before he took a second to pause and introduce their group. He also explained their excitement to be back in St. Louis again. Collins shared his disappointment with the crowd, stating the fact that he slept through the trip to Sugarfire with the rest of the band. The band then slowly wandered into their next song, “Coachella.”

As the show continued, lovelytheband seemed to have this relaxed energy about them, almost like the boy who would show up for your first date with no plan, but still give you the best first date of your life, even if they do come off a little narcissistic. Collins even explained at one point that they treat gigs like a “first date,” wanting to impress the people who have never seen or heard of them before. Collins then explained his love for karaoke on dates and the band went into a cover of the song, “Pony.” Their set slowly came to an end but Collins explained their excitement to stay and watch Bastille perform, thus getting the crowd even more hyped to see the main act.

Soon, the moment came and the band members slowly trickled on stage one by one; Dan Smith, the lead singer being the last to jog up on stage. Smith had a whole new level of energy that moshed with the pit—the man jumping and running from each side of the stage to show every inch of the crowded venue love.

After a couple songs Smith explained their mutual excitement to be back in St. Louis and how they love the opportunity to play smaller venues like this. He also talked about their visit to the City Museum and Smith explained the tragic story of how he got stuck in one of the many tubes there, that clearly was meant for small kids, but he took as a challenge.

Smith also showed off his many skills as a Renaissance man, including range of playing the piano, acting and playing the drums. Smith also clearly knew how to keep a crowd entertained from randomly appearing in the balcony and swinging his legs over the edge as he sang down to the crowd below and around him. He also jumped from table to table on the main ground and walked in the middle of the mosh pit, everyone loving the excitement of what would Smith do next.

The band played many of their hits, most of their songs being played to high-tempo beats and having beautiful melodies, but the songs often contained depressing subject matter—Smith even admitted to this with their in-disguise love song “Flaws.” He addressed the crowd, saying that they were working on new songs and their most recent song wasn’t a sound that was fully theirs and they needed to find the other person to complete it. That person being DJ Marshmello. They collaborated with him on their latest single. “Happier” which has that classic Bastille sound with a bit of a dj remix on top of it.

The band ended their show with a high energy songs such as their famous cover of the song, “No Scrubs” and their song that skyrocketed them to notability “Pompeii.”

This was an amazing concert, one that kept the audience excited throughout the whole show from the opener’s first song to the main act’s last. The Point did a great job securing and putting together an intimate and arousing show, that was definitely worth what you paid for and more.