Pause for Opinion Episode 4


The day after we recorded this episode three mass shootings made the national news. Gun violence is a plague on the American spirit that has haunted this country for far too long. It’s not just mass shootings; it’s hit-and-runs on dark street corners, it’s relatives shooting each other behind closed doors, it’s police brutality. And if we do nothing, people will continue to stuffer, fear, and die.

This episode I sat down with Haley Zink and Claire Cunningham from Ceasefire STL. I am always impressed by the efforts and achievements of my fellow SLU students, and these women have proven once again that young people are informed and powerful.

Ceasefire STL was born in the wake of the March for Our Lives, and they fight for an end to gun violence and police brutality in St. Louis. The organization has already accomplished so much in its short history, and they were even featured on a recent cover of Time Magazine [check out the full cover here].

For more information on what Ceasefire STL is doing or how to get involved visit
Or find them on social media here:
Twitter @CeasefireSTL
Instagram @ceasefire.stl

Pause for Opinion is hosted and produced by FĂ­ona Clair with music by Genna Hilbing. A special thanks to the Saint Louis University Communication Department, KSLU, Ceasefire STL, and the University News Editorial Board.

Thanks for listening 🙂