Pause for Opinion Episode 5


Hi, it’s been a while! Welcome back to Pause for Opinion!

This episode I sat down with Amanda Buechele and Olive Elwell, co-presidents of Healthy is Hot. Reproductive health is an important topic on any college campus, but it is specifically important at Saint Louis University because St. Louis has one of the highest STI rates in the country.

SLU is a Jesuit university, but that doesn’t mean that reproductive health can be ignored. healthy is Hot is doing everything in their power to make sure that the conversation is started on campus.
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**Learning curve alert** I used a new editing software for this episode, and the results were less than stellar. I apologize for the volume and level issues, I’m still learning! But I hope you can still enjoy the conversation!

Pause for Opinion is hosted and produced by Fíona Clair with music by Genna Hilbing. A special thanks to Healthy is Hot, The Saint Louis University Communication Department, and the University News Editorial Board.

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