I’m Wearing Matching Socks!


   Yes, my socks have little pictures of matches sewn into them because Wacky Sock Wednesday is my favorite day of the weekbut for me, wacky sock Wednesday is every day. My obsession with these colorful and pictorial pieces of clothing started almost seven years ago. On the track team, we had Wacky Sock Wednesday, where the entire team would don their wildest socks, ranging from intricate patterns to customized pictures printed on the leg. My high school had a uniform, so we all dressed the same. Soon after the discovery of these fun and wacky socks, I had found a loophole that would let me wear something other than khaki pants with a colored shirt. I could wear artwork on my feet. 

   Socks say a lot about the individual wearing them, but they also speak volumes to how others perceive you. The item that keeps your feet cozy throughout the day is the highest form of expression. It gives people a means to individualize their wardrobe without breaking the bank. Socks can add color and uniqueness to an otherwise bland or typical outfit. Socks, however, are more than just a fashion accessory, they spark conversations and tell a lot about the person wearing them. To truly understand what fun socks are all about, let me take you on a walk in my socks. 

   Last Monday, I was at home for Fall Break. Needless to say, I didn’t step foot outside  the house. It was cold, but we hadn’t turned on the heat. I wore a pair of cabin socks. These socks are thick and brown with a scene of a moose in the snow on them. They are double layer socks with the outside giving them their class and look, and the inside offering the warmth of an aloe infused blend of fabrics hugging your foot. The socks look classy, but they add function to their form. These socks keep you warm. 

   On Tuesday I had an interview. I had to dress sharp and leave a lasting impression on the interviewer. I donned my suit and slipped on some Captain America socks. This was for sure the right choice because as I pulled my ankle up to rest it on the adjacent leg, I heard the question, “Do you watch the Marvel movies?” My choice to express the things that I like lead to an unlikely conversation which will certainly last in the mind of my interviewer. These socks helped me make a connection.

   I have senate every Wednesday, so business casual is the name of the game. With important speakers, such as Fred Pestello, coming to speak with us, I aim to impress. The beauty of fun socks is that one can toss on any pair and be bold, or they can select a color scheme which is subtle and elegantly accents their outfit. I opted for the latter, and people noticed. A good sock choice does not go unnoticed. It speaks volumes about the amount of care which one has put into their dress and demonstrates a creative flare which may not be easy to find (especially in men’s fashion). These socks are creative. 

   On Thursday, I chose to use my socks to express emotions. Fun socks make for amazing gifts. They are easy to come by, come with a built-in story and they might be the cheapest article of clothing you could buy someone. I was given a pair of socks that had lamas wearing sunglasses.             Every day I wear them reminds me of a friend who gave them to me. Every day she sees me wearing them, it reminds her that she did something good. These socks bring happiness. 

   Friday was game day. I had to make sure that I could support my Billiken Volleyball team in every way I knew how. I woke up that morning and slipped on my Billiken socks and all their blue and white glory. I wore them proud and wore them all the way to victory that night. These socks show their support. 

   At the end of the journey when my socks have been worn and frayed, I store them in a drawer of unused socks. It is hard to throw them away because they have so many stories behind them. As I look through the 43 pairs of wacky socks in my drawer (that is just what is on campus), each pair has a story behind it: how I got them, when I wore them and so much more. While wacky socks are visually striking and add to any outfit, they truly make their mark by the character they bring out in all of us who wear them.