Dogs of SLU

Since the beginning of the semester, the talk around campus has been about COVID-19 non-stop. Let’s take a break and meet some of our furry neighbors. Walking down West Pine, no matter the season, spring, summer, fall and winter, you will always pass some of your four-legged furry friends, dogs. This week, Abby Campbell and I walked down West Pine to take pictures of dogs from different breeds to brighten your day. Abby and I talked with the dog owners and got to know a little bit more about each dog’s personality. Now let’s meet some of your classmate’s furry friends!

First, meet Barry, a year and a half old, black and white Pitbull terrier. He was rescued as a puppy by his owner, Ryan Gaines. Barry is very energetic, especially in the morning! His favorite hobby is burying his head behind couch pillows and his favorite toy is his femur bone. (Abby Campbell)
Harley, a seventh month old, black, white and brown Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is a very playful boy. He is shy at first but once you get to know him, his owner Stephanie Grant says, he’s one of the most loyal dogs you’ll ever meet. Harley loves belly rubs, stealing socks and, most of all, loves to go on walks. (Abby Campbell)
Ivy, an eight-month-old light brown and white Corgi, has a big personality and loves to kiss anyone if they come close enough! Ivy’s favorite hobby is chasing her owner. Caitlin Zoschke and her roommates love to chase Ivy around the apartment until she passes out! (Abby Campbell)
Student Madisyn Thompson has a medium-light brown mini Goldendoodle named Finn. Finn is very energetic and loves when people pet him. Here’s Finn posing and smiling for his photo-op. (Abby Campbell)
Koda is a four month old, brown and white Bernese mountain dog. Koda is the sweetest, most loving dog who loves to cuddle, and very much loves to play. His owner, Andrew Henry, got Koda from a breeder in southwest Missouri. Koda’s favorite thing to do is meeting people and playing with other dogs! (Abby Campbell)
Oliver sometimes goes by the name Ollie and is a two year old blue tick beagle. He is very shy around new people, but once he warms up, he is a bundle of joy. Oliver loves hugs from his momma, Lexi Kayser, and loves to run around in circles on Vandy Field. (Andrea Porter)
Ivy Jean is a four year old brown, black and white Pitbull mix. Her owner, Riley Mack, rescued Ivy Jean from a local St. Louis shelter. Ivy looks intimidating at first, but she is not. She has a big heart and is the perfect sidekick for Riley. Ivy loves to cuddle with her favorite people as well as getting belly rubs. (Andrea Porter)