Signs Point to a Midtown Topgolf Location

Signs Point to a Midtown Topgolf Location

On Dec. 1, 2021, the St. Louis Planning Commission voted in favor of rezoning land in the heart of Midtown for a potential Topgolf sports entertainment facility. Saint Louis stated the land would host an “outdoor recreation and golf entertainment center.”

Founded in 2000, Topgolf sports entertainment company features a game they claim anyone can play. Massive complexes, averaging nearly two acres, host thousands of people as they hit a microchipped ball into a giant field with different targets. 

The game itself is not focused on skill, but rather the timeless question of golf: “Who hit it closer?” With the first location opening in the United Kingdom, the simplicity of the game is what first attracted attendees.

 Soon, the founders realized they had the opportunity to become an entertainment center for more than just people interested in golf. In 2012, Topgolf built a massive complex in Katy, Texas that featured not only golfing, but food and beverage options, as well.

The Midtown Topgolf would be the region’s second location. A nearby Topgolf in Chesterfield Missouri, which opened in 2018, has garnered economic success and high praises from Missouri residents. Reviews left on the location’s website note that the fun atmosphere and food is family friendly and worth the price. 

However, the land that the rumored Topgolf facility would be built on is in the center of Saint Louis’s Midtown rather than the city’s suburbs. Several forms were submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration to ensure there would be no obstruction to airplanes or other forms of air travel. The design plan states that the facility would be built near Chouteau Avenue and South Compton Avenue. 

The project’s rezoning approval comes after a long wait. SLU has been attempting to utilize the land since prior to the pandemic. However, with the City Foundry already in the works in 2020, the University’s proposal was put on hold. 

The design plan filed with the city  states that the facility would be built near Chouteau Ave and South Compton Avenue. This land is owned by Saint Louis University and is currently home to parking lots and a practice field for the University’s student-athletes. Located near the University’s medical campus, the construction of the complex could start relatively soon. 

Other real estate plans are in the works for this area, including a new apartment building and a Target. SLU announced the plan for the 60 million dollar development in late October of this year. 

With SLU being eligible for tax abatements and incentives, some wonder if they will be granted for this project. These elements would lower the cost of the building and potentially allow the construction to proceed faster than normal. Marelene Davis, Alderwoman for Ward 19, the district in which this land resides, states that no incentives have been asked for by SLU, nor are they expected. 

An official announcement has yet to be made by either SLU or Topgolf.