Tyler Tears Up Chaifetz

On his “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” tour, Tyler, The Creator returns to Chaifetz Arena and brings the party alongside openers Kali Uchis, Vince Staples and Teezo Touchdown.

Whenever there is a sold-out event at Chaifetz Arena, chances are it’s going to be quite the party. And when it comes to concerts put on by Tyler, the Creator, you know it’s going to be a great party. Returning to Chaifetz for a second time, Tyler put on a sold-out concert on Feb. 18 with the help of Kali Uchis, Vince Staples and Teezo Touchdown to support his 2021 album, “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST.”

   Throughout the show, the performers all showcased their distinct artistic vision with memorable sets. Imagined as a “live TV recording in Saint Louis,” opener Teezo Touchdown gave a DIY-inspired set that combined elements of rock and hip-hop that the younger side of the crowd was heavily into.

   Staples followed and delivered an energetic set, showcasing the incredible consistency he has had throughout his career. Standing on an elevated, translucent stage with a light show both below the stage and surrounding the arena, Staples started with his newly released Mustard collaboration “MAGIC” and worked his way through his discography. With stellar performances of his recent music, including “LAW OF AVERAGES” and several cuts from his 2017 album “Big Fish Theory,” there was not a single song the crowd didn’t get into. As his set finished, he thanked the crowd and told us, “What would be a St. Louis show if I didn’t finish with this next song?” As the instrumental for “Norf Norf” kicked in, Staples proved exactly why more people need to pay attention to his output.

   Uchis delivered a one-of-a-kind opening set afterwards, and the crowd’s excitement was almost on-par for Tyler. Inspired by Latin aesthetics with a strong sense of sensuality, Uchis was revealed on stage tied to a cross, which her backup dancers quickly untied her from as “Dead to Me” came in. Keeping the crowd dancing, she performed her Grammy-winning Kaytranada collaboration “10%” and a few cuts from her 2020 Spanish album, including “fue mejor” and “no eres tu(soy yo).” However, no songs quite matched the excitement for her recent hits, including her remix of Amaarae’s “SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY” and “After the Storm,” which fittingly features Tyler, the Creator. She closed her performance with her breakout hit “telapatía,” signaling a sense that she knows she will be the next big star, and that this is only the beginning of something great.

…this show was a triumph against the difficulties of life in the past few years.

    None of the performers could quite match the monstrous energy Tyler, the Creator drew from the crowd, and Tyler immediately took advantage of it. Arriving in a baby blue Rolls-Royce rising from below the stage, it was immediately clear that this show was a celebration of where Tyler has come. The set was a pastel mansion, with the windows having different lighting paired with each song. These windows showcased silhouettes of the guest performers throughout the show, as nobody but Tyler was featured on stage during his set. This was seen right from the start, with “LEMONHEAD” featuring 42 Dugg’s shadow and “HOT WIND BLOWS” featuring Lil Wayne’s. After these songs, Tyler stopped for a minute to thank the crowd for having “so much energy in this goddamn fucking room,” telling the crowd that “this album is about feeling like the baddest bitch of all time.” He hoped the crowd felt like “God was on their side” at the show, then went back to performing the music.

   After hopping downstage during “LUMBERJACK,” Tyler traveled over to the safari-inspired stage across the arena, dancing on his boat as “WUSYANAME” lights the crowd up. As he hopped into the safari to explore songs from his older discography, the celebration of how far he has come in his career really was brought to life; starting with “Boredom” from “Flower Boy,” it’s clear that his entire career has been filled with hits. Songs like “911” and “See You Again” pull a strong reaction from the crowd with everyone singing alongside Tyler, and early-career hits like “Yonkers” still have people screaming “I’m a walking fucking paradox” more than a decade later. As he closed out the safari with “Tamale,” Tyler hopped back onto the boat to travel back to “mainland” singing the dancehall inspired “I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE.”

   As his second show at Chaifetz Arena concluded, Tyler performed cuts from “IGOR” and finished with “RUNITUP,” as if this show was a triumph against the difficulties of life in the past few years. While the accomplishments of Tyler are vastly different from the crowd, it still felt as if he was inviting us to celebrate where we were and how far we will go in the future with him.