Why SLU’s Campus Is Covered in Glitter and Sisterhood is Stronger Than Ever

Kayla Seck

Monday, September 12 was SLU’s Panhellenic Sorority Bid Day. After four long days of recruitment, the potential new members are given their “bid,” an invitation to join one of the chapters here on SLU’s campus. SLU has seven Panhellenic Council Sororities: Delta Gamma, Kappa Delta, Zeta Tau Alpha, Gamma Phi Beta, Phi Mu, Alpha Delta Pi and Kappa Alpha Theta. Each chapter picks a theme for the big day and decorates its designated “bid day spot” on campus. This year’s spots included Vandeventer Field, the Clock Tower, the soccer fields and many more locations on campus. Anyone walking down West Pine at 6 p.m. on that Monday could see the new members of each chapter running to their respective bid day spot.  

One chapter, Delta Gamma, had the bid day theme “Camp Delta Gamma.” Active members dressed as camp counselors and welcomed the new members home. There were bouncy houses, friendship bracelet-making stations, chicken and chips for dinner, as well as plenty of photo opportunities. Active Delta Gamma Chloe Shumate said, “Bid Day was so much fun! I loved getting to meet all the new members and take so many cute photos together.”

Kappa Delta’s theme was “Kandy Land,” with all sorts of cute candy-themed decorations to welcome the new members home. Phi Mu’s theme, golden hour, welcomed the new members home in the best lighting. 

Zeta Tau Alpha’s new members were welcomed home with “Happy Bid Day” as a play on Happy Birthday. Active members dressed as cupcakes, wore candle headbands and had fun birthday-themed decorations. 

Katie Strasheim, an active member of Zeta Tau Alpha, was excited to welcome the new members home on their bid day birthday. Katie said, “The new members are all so cute! I am so happy I got to meet so many amazing new Zetas on their bid day birthday.”

For all sorority members, new and active, bid day is a cause for celebration. It means welcoming home the girls that share your values, morals and passions. It is the first time the active members get to meet their new sisters. For me, my bid day was one of my top 10 favorite days. I felt like I could go up to anyone in my chapter, Delta Gamma, and talk to them knowing they actually care about what I have to say. Everyone was so excited to meet me and so kind when getting to know me. 

Regardless of membership in SLU’s Panhellenic Council, bid day is exciting for all. As a non-sorority member, you get to watch a group of freshmen and sophomores find their place on campus. People on West Pine got to watch the joy each member had when meeting their new sister. It just goes to show how important sisterhood is. Finding a group of women that love and support each other even on their darkest days is so important. Bid day is the first day for the new members to experience this sisterhood. It is like a holiday for sisterhood, a day dedicated to celebrating our sisters regardless of who they are or where they are from. No matter your stage in life, you can count on your sisters to be there for you and help you become the best version of yourself, and bid day is the first step for the new members in forming these relationships. 

 The remnants of bid day can still be seen on campus, whether it is seeing a group of girls waving to each other on West Pine, seeing the themed t-shirts for each chapter or even the glitter decorating the area around the Clock Tower. Bid day is like a holiday for SLU’s Panhellenic Council chapters, and every sorority member is counting down the days until bid day 2023.