SGA Ponders Use Of `Extra’ $8,300

“Surprise-SGA has more money,” said Rob Bain, Student Activity Board President, in his appeal for additional funding.

With $8,333.33 to distribute in appeal funding, the 27th General Assembly of the Student Government Association concluded its term of office during a four-hour meeting last night.

Unlike the original funding process, the SGA Finance Committee did not make recommendations, but instead, the committee allowed the senate to determine the appropriate allotments.

Senator Dane Salazar, on behalf of the Finance Committee, recommended that the senate allocate the funds it deems necessary to each group requesting appeals and then make an across-the-board percentage cut if needed.

The SGA Internal Budget requested an additional $900 to cover co-sponsorships as well as two promotional projects including brochures and chartered student organization handbooks. The request passed with little dissent.

Seeking $5,525 in appeals, the Muslim Student Association left the meeting with no additional funding.

During the MSA discussions, Salazar, in reference to the jump from $900 in funding last year to over $3,000 this year, explained, “The MSA received a larger increase than any other organization on campus. I’m not saying they don’t deserve it.”

After several attempts at lower amendments, the $0 allocation of appeal funding passed by a slim margin 14-13.

“It sure may seem like we’re asking a lot,” said KSLU General Manager Elect Brian Suda in his appeal for $5,526.67. “Your SGA cut us down to the bare minimum operating costs; we’re just asking for the percentage cut back.”

Sparking much debate, Administrative Vice President Tony Wagner questioned, “Does KSLU think they are in a different category than the other organizations that were cut?”

Finance Committee member Lauren Gretz replied that it is unfair to punish a group for asking for money back as every group could have done the same.

The appeal passed with no amendments.

SAB requested an additional $4,000 in order to produce the second drive-in movie next year.

“Every dollar we get goes back to the campus,” Bain pleaded as the additional funding was approved.

Once again, Oriflamme, an organization whose charter and funding has been questioned recently, created a large amount of debate as it sought $1,500 for a Freshman Reunion.

With amendments offered ranging from $0, $750, and $751, the final bill read $0 in additional funding after a 12-8 vote.

Concluding the funding, the appeals for the Associated Park College Students ($2925), the Black Student Alliance ($1,429.79), and the Clinical Laboratory Science Club ($255.47) all passed with little debate.

After allocating $15,036.93, the senate was forced to perform yet another percentage cut. This time, the cut was 44 percent.

Final allocations were as follows:

 SGA Internal, $498.70

 KSLU, $3,062.80

 SAB, $2,216.80

 APCS, $1,621.00

 BSA, $792.30

 CLSC, $141.58

In other business, the SGA passed a resolution on behalf of BSA to request the SLU community recognize historically black fraternities and sororities within the city as available to all SLU students with publication of this information in campus publications.

The senate also gave its support to the SLU Apparel Manufacturers’ Code of Conduct, which prohibits SLU from purchasing apparel that has been created in sweatshops.

In addition the senate endorsed the removal of SLU students from the pandering files of phone solicitation companies.

To conclude the evening, President Jay Perry remarked on the successes of the 27th General Assembly as well as presented awards that included the President’s Award to Marchetti Senator Michael Fullenkamp.