New University Retreat Center To Open

Students, staff and faculty will now have a new place to get away to-Manresa Center, a newly-purchased and renovated retreat center.

Located at 4012 Washington Ave., the Manresa Center is only two blocks north of campus, a distance that should add to its popularity.

“I believe it will be heavily used, especially because the location is so close to the University,” said Ed Kidd, director of University Event Services.

The complex includes large dormitory-style bedrooms and restrooms, a dining hall and a chapel. All dining service is provided by Marriott-Sodexho Food Service.

“The house is very nice,” said Deborah Moll, Campus Ministry secretary. “The inside has been redone. The house is big, and the way it is laid out is like a maze.”

Manresa Center will open within the next two to four weeks as they complete final improvements.

As for use, Kidd suggested that the building be thought of like the Busch Memorial Center. Reserving rooms during the day will be free to all University groups. An overnight stay will require a fee to be charged. The amount has not yet been determined.

Reservations will be conducted through University Event Services.

Fordyce Center, the former University retreat center, was sold two years ago. The Manresa Center was formerly a Franciscan friary.