Food Drive Helps Local Needy

Continuing the tradition of giving during the holidays, Campus Ministry recently concluded its annual food drive, entitled “Show Us Your Can.”

According to Campus Minister Harry O’Rourke, this year the food drive was very successful.

The events that focused more on raising awareness on-campus about the structural roots of poverty and hunger had good participation. These events were the Third-World meal and Project Hunger.

“Although overall participation may have fallen off, the dedication and support of the students who participated is a symbol of our Jesuit tradition as `men and women for others,'” said Michael Cappel, Alpha Phi Omega president and food-drive representative.

“We tried a different structure this year, with committees organizing events,” said Chad Krakemeier, a representative for Delta Sigma Phi fraternity.

There were approximately 5,000 to 6,000-thousand pounds of canned food collected. The nonperishable food items collected will all be donated to the Karen House.

The final amount raised has not yet been tallied. But with donations arriving daily Campus Ministry projects the total at more than $17,000.

The proceeds will go directly to agencies that work to alleviate hunger throughout St. Louis, the country and the world, especially in Third-World poverty-stricken countries.

“We are very grateful to the entire University for their support in this year’s food drive. And it is a great witness of how we live out a faith that does justice on campus,” said O’Rourke.