Fire hose floods Clemens

While summer may be a few months away, some Saint Louis University students went for an unexpected swim yesterday morning.

At about 10:15 a.m. Wednesday, residents of the fourth floor of Clemens Hall found an inch of water rushing into their rooms. The water spread down two stairwells, spreading down to the third floor and even part of the second floor, said Argyle Wade, Director of Housing and Residence Life.

According to Wade, after the new sprinkler system was installed last summer during the SLU2000 renovations, the fire marshal requested that the fire hoses be removed due to the risk of vandalism and misuse.

While the company that was hired to remove the hoses was working, the approximately 50-year-old valve between the hose and the wall broke, sending gallons of water rushing out into the hallway.

Wade estimated that approximately 15 rooms on the fourth floor were affected, 10 rooms on the third floor and two on the second floor.

With the use of wet-vacs, towels, 10 housekeeping members, a carpet company and Maintenance Facilities Services, the mess was quickly cleaned up, Wade said.

Risk Management was called in, and they contacted an insurance company to assess the damage, though Wade said the damage to the building was minimal.

Students were also given the chance to report damaged items, and clothes that were damaged were sent to be professionally laundered.

“The students were very cooperative, helping other students and putting up items for those who were in class,” Wade said. “For a bad situation, everyone had a good attitude. It’s hard to imagine a better response than we had today.”