Female student reports sexual assault in Walsh

A female Saint Louis University student was the victim of sexual assault while in her dorm room in Walsh Hall at 3 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 31.

The male suspect was originally unknown but was later found and identified.

The victim, who requested anonymity, first called 911 before alerting the Department of Public Safety. Jack Titone, director of DPS, said Tuesday that he had not heard anything about prosecution, and the issue is currently in the University Judicial Affairs process.

“More can be done within the University as opposed to the outside,” Titone said. “The judicial process is more sensitive to the needs of both parties.”

Titone also mentioned that in the legal system the accused must be proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, but when dealing with the University it is the Judicial Affairs Committee’s decision.

According to DPS records, only one incident of forcible sexual assault occurred on SLU’s campuses in 2001.

Terisa Remelius, University Judicial Affairs officer, said that while she could not reveal the type of incident, punishment for this type of crime is serious.

“At SLU, students found responsible for violating our policies on sexual assault or rape may be expelled,” Remelius said.

If the student is not expelled, living arrangements may be changed to protect the student.

Remelius explained that colleges and universities across the nation are faced with both male and female sexual assault cases everyday. Most of these cases concern students who know each other and almost all cases involve alcohol.

“It is the hope that SLU is free from this type of disrespectful and terrible crime,” Remelius said. “However, we know that we are not. It is the obligation of the individuals in this community to do everything we can to protect ourselves from the situation in which we may fall victim to others with bad intentions.”

Remelius encourages students who feel they have been victims of sexual assault to report the crime to either DPS at 977-3000 or the Office of Judical Affairs at 977-7280.

Students may also receive support from the Student Health and Counseling Service, Campus Ministry or the Department of Housing and Residence Life.