SLU-China offers new experiences

For students tired of crossing Grand Boulevard, watching the construction on the Busch Memorial Center or seeing the same old scenery, Saint Louis University’s study-abroad program may have just the answer.

While many students are aware of the Madrid campus, SLU also has a China program, which began in 1999.

Students can go to The Beijing Center for Language and Culture in China for the year, semester or summer. All credits are transferable and financial aid carries over, so the cost is not much higher than staying at the St. Louis campuses. Numerous scholarships are also available for students who choose to study in China.

“One of the unique features is that it is a Jesuit program,” said Maria Bravo, program coordinator of the International Center. “It shares the Jesuit mission, the curriculum is compatible and it fits [SLU] requirements.”

Ryan Fenwick, a senior who spent both semesters in China last year, explained the advantages of studying in a foreign country such as China.

“It is an easy way to get to such a different place,” Fenwick said. “I saw so many things that I never thought I would see such as communist headquarters and peasant villages. The Chinese are motivated by seeing students studying their culture.”

Jonathan Eng, United States representative for The Beijing Center, thinks the program is “well-rounded from the academic standpoint.”

Along with academics, students get the opportunity to travel the country, experiencing things such as The Silk Road, Tiananmen Square, the Tibetian grassland, the Gobi desert and meeting Chinese monks.

Students wanting to study in China must be of at least sophomore level, have a 2.8 GPA or better, write an essay and be in good disciplinary standing. Those interested can contact Maria Bravo in the International Center or Jonathan Eng at [email protected]