SLU gears up for art contest featuring a cow

Saint Louis University is herding up all creative students, faculty, staff and alumni, encouraging them to enter in the University’s first-ever art competition, [email protected]

The fiberglass cow was donated to SLU by the city of Chicago and is part of the public art exhibit, “Cows on Parade,” which began in Chicago in 1999. Designs must be based on one of three themes: school spirit, community service or “where knowledge touches lives.”

The winning designer or group of designers can win cash and prizes, as well as the opportunity to have the design made a reality.

“This contest provides the entire SLU community with a unique way in which to celebrate the things that make our University great,” said Jay Perry, coordinator of the contest. “That is why the three design themes are focused on aspects of daily life at SLU … That is why the contest is open to all members of our SLU community including students, faculty, staff and alumni.”

A panel of five judges will select the top five designs, which will be posted online for the SLU community to vote on.

According to Perry, the cow is currently in storage, but did make an appearance this past Monday and Tuesday on West Pine Mall for the kick-off of the contest. Once the winner is announced, the creator or creators will have the summer to implement the design, Perry said.

The finished cow will be displayed in the beginning of the 2003-2004 academic year, Perry said. It may be unveiled as a part of the opening of the renovated Busch Memorial Center. After its introduction, the cow will remain on campus as part of the University’s statue collection.

“There are so many factors which make SLU great, and everyone has their own special memories and ideas about ‘the SLU experience,’ so much so that it seemed natural to use this donation from the city of Chicago as an opportunity to express such greatness in a way like never before,” Perry said.

The deadline for the contest is April 11, 2003. A complete timeline can be found on the contest’s Web site,