Cardinal Ritter Prep opens new facilities

Saint Louis University has a new neighbor, as Cardinal Ritter
College Preparatory High School opened its doors to students on
Monday, Aug. 25. The school relocated to its current location at
701 N. Spring after completion of the $30 million project.

The new facilities include 83,000 square feet of space located
on 16 acres in Midtown and features a state-of-the-art gymnasium,
wireless network connection throughout the building, three computer
labs equipped with new computers and a full track and football
field. The school’s football team will be able to hold six or seven
home games this year, something they were never able to do at the
previous campus where no facilities existed.

Although the building is virtually complete, the administration
is still “working the bugs out,” said Mike Salsich, vice president
of the school. He, along with President Leon Henderson and
Principal Carmele Hall are working to incorporate the school into
the rich, cultural identity of Midtown.

Salsich said that the school plans on collaborating with its
neighbors, such as SLU and Grand Center. In fact, it has already
partnered with the Contemporary Museum of Art to form a program
that allows students in art history or art appreciation classes to
serve as tour guides at the museum.

“The students love it,” Salsich said. “The newness, the
facility, the air conditioning. We didn’t have to shut down early
or sit in hot classrooms last week.”

According to its Web site, “Cardinal Ritter College Preparatory
High School is dedicated to offering an educational program that
reflects our Catholic commitment to preparing students for
leadership roles in a multi-ethnic society.”

“We’re very much committed to being a good neighbor,” Salsich
said. “We’re very excited to be down by SLU and Grand Center and
feel extremely blessed because the University has been very