Academic V.P.

As one of the most competent members of The Next Step’s ticket, we couldn’t help but be impressed by Thomas Chlebeck’s earnest determination to set all of his objectives into motion. He exhibits the steady composure that is crucial for the position of academic vice president, as he must be able to effectively communicate the student body’s wishes to SLU bigwigs.

He has already begun to work on his methodical to-do list, that includes establishing a 24-hour library and improving career services.

While clearly committed to fulfilling students’ academic desires, Jamie James wasn’t convincing enough to face off with administrators who might not agree with her. Some of her platform points seemed questionable, such as the possibility of softening how transcripts depict failed classes. With that being said, a number of her other platform points, such as her suggestion for a book rental system, were good ones, and we strongly urge Chlebeck to collaborate with her.