Executive V.P.

Amanda Mason knows a thing or two about students. As president of Oriflamme, a leader for SLU101, a peer instructor for U101 and an employee for the Department of Student Life, she is already a familiar face to a number of SLU students and student groups, who will be her primary constituents as executive vice president. Although Rachel VerBoort’s sincerity and passion are apparent, her lack of leadership experience in CSOs leaves her without the background essential for the position to which she aspires. Her soft-spoken demeanor could pose challenges in a position that requires an overtly outspoken communicator.

In light of the influx of international students at SLU, Mason’s platform point to provide a language conversion option on the SLU website is a particularly timely and important venture. In order to be successful as executive vice president, Mason needs to continue looking beyond her job description in this manner, finding more ways to bridge the gap between international students and the CSOs on campus.

Ultimately, it is Mason’s experience with and passion for CSOs that make her the natural choice for executive vice president.