2011-2012 SGA Endorsements

The following Student Government Association endorsements, an annual endeavor of The University News Editorial Board, are formulated following interviews with each candidate and attendance at the SGA Debates. Endorsements of the candidates are the sole opinions of the Editorial Board and are not necessarily shared by the newspaper’s staff writers.


Vote: Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan can rejuvenate what has become a stagnant SGA.  Ryan offers something very different – and very necessary. He has a platform and a passion that can rouse the student body, build crucial connections and grow from the work of past administrations.

It is also grounded in realism and practicality, which means that his goals are achievable. His innovative ideas for the renovation of the Bauman-Eberhardt Center and plans to meet with individual students through “box lunch Saturdays” build on his passion for student-led initiatives. Ryan has the ability to be the champion for the student cause, to promote and strengthen the student voice.

His infectious energy is the catalyst we desperately need to get this done. He will also not shy away from other, more controversial issues. Students need a president that can hold his or her own ground when student needs are at odds with administrative decisions. Janczweski and Meiners provide excellent platform points that hit on key issues at SLU, including the Library construction, student space and sustainability.  Janczweski and Meiners have also proven they can work well with the administration, but Ryan has the potential to do a much better job engaging both students and administrators with his enthusiasm for SLU and for SGA in a way the campus has never seen. And most importantly, Ryan will have the wits to have fun with the job. His campaign ads show that, while he is serious about his position, he is also creative and inspiring.


Vice President for Internal Affairs

Vote: Kathleen Cadigan

Kathleen Cadigan has a fundamental understanding of SGA affairs. Her position last year as the Chief Information Officer is a firm credential. She kept minutes at SGA meetings and has a thorough understanding of how SGA committees are organized and what they do. Cadigan properly understands SGA policy and procedures, which will be useful for holding senators accountable in doing their tasks. While DeLaria and Hessel bring great enthusiasm, only someone with experience can properly understand the inner workings of SGA. Cadigan also has a realistic platform. Allowing freshmen senator elections could generate freshmen interest in SGA, and tracking senator progress online could bolster senator-constituent relations. Her sensibility and background knowledge make her an ideal candidate. We do advise that she assert a very strong crackdown on senators in reaching out to their constituents. This is a pressing concern which is key for being a successful and powerful VP for Internal Affairs.


Vice President for Student Organizations

Vote: Jessica Rozycki

Jessica Rozycki has strong credentials, a very approachable personality and substantial organizational capabilities, as well as a very polished professionalism towards her duties. As the President of the Association of Parks College Students, she has essentially already held the position of VP for Student Organizations when she handled student organizations in Parks College. This gives her the mental acuity to know exactly what to do when CSO’s need to resolve problems – she has likely encountered such situations. She also has enough background knowledge to direct CSO’s to appropriate resources when she may not have the answer. Sondag and Deiters are both experienced leaders in SGA, but their platforms do not reflect the creativity and potential they both have. Rozycki is also personable. CSO leaders can approach her easily for help and guidance. Rozycki has a clear vision of pressing CSO issues, such as the need for increased internal organization, more inter-CSO communication and greater empowerment. Her personality, combined with very stable organizational skills, and backed by tenacious experience forms the picture of a strong candidacy.


Financial Vice President

Vote: Joe Woster

Joe Woster is very reliable and steady, with a concrete understanding of Chartered Student Organization financial guidelines and rules. He proved himself a leader in a situation that called on him to make informed executive decisions in place of Financial VP Emeritus Tim Janczewski, a role which he fulfilled admirably despite only being a freshmen. He is not to be underestimated, and is very qualified for the position. Additionally, Woster’s platform is sensible and well crafted, especially compared to the other tickets. El Khatib’s point about having GIC in charge of all speakers is unrealistic and Serpas’ platform offers no new improvements from current financial policies. Woster’s plan of creating debit accounts for CSO’s with prepaid debit cards, which will belong to the group instead of individual members, will be immensely beneficial for student organizations. His steadfast knowledge of the CSO financial system and his practical proposals make him a strong candidate.


Academic Vice President

Vote: Grant Podolski

Grant Podolski has all the tools to exceed as Academic VP. Not only does he have the fortitude necessary to work with administrators but he also has realistic and futuristic goals. Increasing the admission standards of new students, continuing work on Pius Library and creating a student-accessible alumni database are all attainable objectives.

While Patrick Grillot and Lauren Chalmers each have various strengths in their platforms, they do not present the long term impact Podolski acknowledges and strives for. He pragmatically asserts that not all of his plans for improvement can be accomplished in one term, but he is confident that he can implement a dialogue that will improve academic resources for years to come. It is this confidence and presence that makes him the ideal candidate for working with the administration as Academic VP.

Diversity/Social Justice Vice President

Vote:  Kripa Sreepada

Kripa Sreepada has a strong and steady drive as well as an obvious passion for diversity. Her detailed and realistic plans to restructure the Diversity Leadership Cabinet, her experience on the SLU/FUSED committee and her highly proactive efforts these past weeks have bolstered her image as an incredibly strong-willed, energetic and experienced candidate.

Sreepada also has the organizational abilities to create transparency and foster dialogue, two issues she understands are crucial for diversity. Both John Gallagher and Myiah Johnson present similar platforms as Sreepada, but they lack the experience needed to bring the changes necessary for development.

Sreepada provides a perfect balance between ideal goals and pragmatic measures to achieve them, and administrators will be impressed by this level of professionalism and realism.

Sreepada will go above and beyond her responsibilities to promote inclusion on campus.


Vice President for International Affairs

Vote: Federico Garcia Lorca

Federico Garcia Lorca is a confident and persuasive student leader. His platform is not as specific as the other tickets and it does not address the certain pressing needs of the international student community. Ximena Cordon and Stephanie Song both present realistic platform points, but they lack a strong presence. Lorca has the verve, adaptability and presence of mind to learn about the issues and improve his platform. Furthermore, he is assertive. Administrators will take him seriously. Lorca is capable of listening to our international students and voicing their concerns to those who can affect change.

This immense potential makes up for his lack of experience. If he is willing to learn and listen, he will be the voice of the international student body.