Administrative V.P.

Running for administrative vice president is always a somewhat daunting task, as the position lacks clearly defined boundaries in its job description. This silver lining to this, however, is that the position is open to the interpretation and creativity of the candidates, and the Editorial Board found that Andrew Miller very strongly took to this opportunity with his platform points.

While the same could be said of Eli Norton, it sounds to us that the majority of his platform is dependent on a complete restructuring of SGA, and we wonder how well he would be able to adapt in the event that he ends up working with candidates who do not share his vision. Miller, however, has already set specific and attainable goals, such as removing the door to the Student Involvement Suite and moving the date for sending the SGA mailer. While they are small steps, they have big potential to encourage more student involvement and connect the student body with SGA.

In Norton, however, we see the potential for history to repeat itself. Remember that current SGA President Sam Howard made an unsuccessful run for administrative vice president her freshman year. With a little more time and experience, perhaps we will see Norton back at the debate podium.