Let Us Introduce You: Mitch Garrett

John Schuler/ Photo Edito

John Schuler/ Photo Edito

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GIC president plans on law school, enjoys playing soccer 

John Schuler/ Photo Edito

Mitch Garrett is your everyday, video-playing college student, with a few exceptions. As this year’s president of the Great Issues Committee, this Dallas native gets the chance to meet and host some of the most influential people who come to speak at Saint Louis University.

Garrett has been involved in GIC since his freshman year. His favorite part of working with the organization has been the opportunity to interact with speakers.

His favorite speaker, in particular, was Elie Wiesel, holocaust survivor and author of the book “Night,” who came to speak at SLU in 2009.

Garrett’s interest in the work of GIC began with his interest in the Supreme Court.

“[I’ve] always been interested in law and politics…and the issues that go along with it,” Garrett said.

As a political science and international studies double major, Garrett saw GIC as a way to get involved with something that catered to his interests.

During his sophomore year, Garrett traveled to Madrid through SLU’s study abroad program, and he said the experience allowed him to learn more about the politics of a foreign country.  His favorite class was European Political Economy.

“I really enjoyed learning about the politics of Spain,” Garrett said.

While in Spain, Garrett also tried to break out of his American roots and embrace the local culture by taking a Latin rhythm and dance class.

Garrett credits his interest in political science to a high school government teacher. He recalled watching Saturday Night Live skits as part of a lesson in class and he appreciated how personable the teacher was.

After graduation this year, Garrett plans to attend law school, ideally at the University of Texas, to continue to build on his education in legal and political matters.

When he’s not rubbing elbows with famous speakers or studying the political climate of foreign countries, Garrett likes to participate in intramural soccer, play his favorite video game, FIFA, and go camping. He recently went hiking and camping in the Rocky Mountains with the Boy Scouts. Garrett has been a Boy Scout since kindergarten.

He is also involved in the fraternity Beta Theta Pi and a Greek bible study group at SLU.

Garrett doesn’t watch television, instead using his free time to listen to country music and to make a point of getting eight hours of sleep a night.

Garrett is one of three children in his family. He has an older brother, a sister and a chocolate lab for a pet. Despite being away from home, Garrett maintains that his dog loves him the best.

“I’m his favorite member of the family,”  Garrett said.