Friedlander talks political campaign

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Friedlander talks political campaign

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Judah final

Judah Friedlander talked politics and karate during his stand-up performance in the Wool Ballrooms on Feb. 7.

With the end of the popular television show “30 Rock,” Judah Friedlander has been roundhouse kicking his way around the country on his stand-up comedy tour.

Friedlander came to visit Saint Louis University last Thursday, Feb. 7, his show was hosted by the Students Activities Board (SAB).
Students filled the Wool Ballroom to witness the comic perform at the end of a stressful school week. He told his exaggerated versions of stories and enlightened the student body with his outlandish and hilarious beliefs and thoughts on the world.

His “political campaign” was a hot topic during the show. Judah has many views and opinions when it comes to running the country.

“I want to invade North Dakota,” he said as his first order of business. “To send North Korea a message. Who is going to mess with a county crazy enough to invade itself?”

Since gun control has been such a hot topic among Americans today, Friedlander thought that it was an important issue to address.

“Gun control? Karate is the answer,”  Friedlander said.

It was a typical answer coming from the “Karate World Champion.”

When an audience member asked Judah about his stance on health care he lightheartedly explained how everyone should get health care except the insurance companies.

Although many may have been skeptical at first, judging by the audience’s response at the end of the show, Friedlander will probably get the popular vote in 2016.  When he “beat Obama,” Friedlander claimed he gave the win to him because he did not want to move into a smaller house.

“The World Championships happen about 50 times a year,” Friedlander said when asked how he stays the karate world champion. “And you have 30 minutes to show up to…anywhere on the planet or else you forfeit the title.”

Judah interacted with the audience throughout the show, making fun of different students’ majors and mocking a student who was on a rowing team, stating how it was not a real sport.
After the show he hosted a meet-and-greet with everyone that attended the show.

When asked about what his plans were after “30 Rock,” he said that he will be doing more stand-up comedy and possibly making a stand-up album and a movie.

He  may also host a show on National Geographic about different mythological creatures.

His book, “How to Beat Up Anybody: An Instructional and Inspirational Karate Book by the World Champion,” came out on Oct. 5, 2010. The book explains how to handle any situation, like how to beat up Bigfoot, a person with one arm, a person with three arms, a person on a unicycle and more.