Insomnia Cookies delivers sweet treats to campus



Elizabeth Scofidio / Contributor

Brand new, just a few blocks from SLU, at the intersection of Lindell Boulevard and Euclid Avenue, is Insomnia Cookies, an in-house or delivery bakery that’s open daily, until 3 a.m., to satisfy SLU’s late-night sweet tooth.

Because most of Insomnia’s business is based on its delivery service, the physical store is a hole-in-the-wall, with a small bar facing outside, an area where customers order and ovens in the back, where the company bakes all its warm, fresh cookies

There are two tiers of cookies. The normal cookie flavors ($1.35 apiece, unless bought in bulk) are some of the usual suspects, including sugar, snickerdoodle, chocolate chunk, white chocolate macadamia and double chocolate mint.  

Elizabeth Scofidio / Contributor
Elizabeth Scofidio / Contributor

There are three deluxe cookies flavors ($2.75 apiece), which are triple chocolate chunk, chocolate peanut butter cup and s’mores deluxe, but I decided to stick with some of the classic originals.
I got three cookies – oatmeal raisin, chocolate chunk and sugar – because they are all standard flavors that should not be difficult to perfect.

The oatmeal raisin was good, but nothing special. I thought it was a little hard, actually, but the flavors were all there, and there was a good balance between the oatmeal and the raisins that many people consistently manage to mess up.

The chocolate chunk, however, was on point. It was soft and warm; the sweet chocolate was melting before it even reached my mouth. There was plenty of chocolate already, so I can only imagine how the double and the triple chocolate chunk cookies must taste.

The sugar cookie was by far the best one that I ordered. Many people sell sugar cookies short because they sound bland, but Insomnia’s version was delicious. It was buttery, not too sweet and sprinkled with just enough sugar on top to add some nice texture.

Insomnia Cookies has more than just cookies, though. They also offer a variety of ice cream flavors with different toppings that you can mix and match, brownies, cookie cakes and also cookie ice cream sandwiches.

The best thing Insomnia offers is a “Residence Hall Special.” They will deliver an unlimited number of cookies to Griesedieck Hall (or any other dorm on campus). Getting 300 cookies is costly ($275), but if enough people chip in, it wouldn’t be so bad.

All in all, the delivery aspect is probably what is going to sell Insomnia Cookies to SLU students. Their cookies are too good, and their hours too flexible, to not warrant a late-night call for more cookies than you could ever need, delivered right to your building, at 2 a.m.