Let Us Introduce You: Alicia Holman

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Let Us Introduce You: Alicia Holman

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Administrative assistant on life’s many responsibilities


Saint Louis University students, let us introduce you to the mother you didn’t realize you had: Alicia Holman. An employee at SLU since 2010, Holman brings a humorous charisma and a multitude of talents to the University, and she says the students are what keep her at SLU and why she enjoys her work.

“You guys have made me feel like I have a whole other set of children that have just grown up and are going to be so great,” said Holman. She said she has made some of the greatest friends since being at the University.

Holman first started as a foodservice worker in Griesedieck Hall before going to the medical campus and working as a barista for two years. She then worked in the finance office for a year as a finance administrative assistant and is now working with Aramark as an administrative assistant.

“I’m a floater, so to speak, because I just float from location to location — ‘cause I can do it all,” Holman said. “I’m just the best floater there is known to mankind.”

Holman’s responsibilities vary each day, as she interacts with all of the different food locations on campus. From helping with food preparations and making sure each location is stocked, to delegating staff responsibilities and interacting with students, Holman’s job is anything but monotonous.

“I’ve got like a million different hats … I can make smoothies and I can balance a cash drawer all at one time,” she said. “I don’t have to be the same person all day.”

Holman has three children of her own, ages 5, 6 and 8, and says that once the work day is over, she is just a mom – but when she comes to work, she is a million different people. “It’s fun, it’s different and it actually makes me appreciate just being one person.”

This difference in lifestyle gives a nice balance to Holman’s schedule, and she says she learns more now by interacting with the different job positions. She was recently sent to California to go through training for SLU’s new Jamba Juice location.

Holman assures that her job isn’t without challenges though, and she has found the most difficult aspect to be “adapting to all of the different attitudes and going with the flow.”

“As a mom, you set the flow…but coming to work, it’s a whole different flow – you’re not the mom,” Holman said.

When she is the mom, though, Holman is invincible.

“Growing up, I always knew I was going to be a pretty cool person … never thought I was going to be the president or anything like that, but I was like, I’ll be cool,” Holman said.

She remarked on her kids making her feel great, as if the sky is the limit in her life. Her favorite part about being a mom is “having someone cheer you on when you didn’t even think you would be in the game.”

Holman loves having themed movie nights with her kids, where they match their cuisine to their movie of choice. She also loves to cook and uses this as a stress reliever. She says she can talk all day and always tries to face her fears.

“It’s better to face fear than to think about regret,” said Holman. She encourages students to do the same and to never give up.

“No matter what it looks like, no matter how things seem, keep going.”