Presidential candidates visit St. Louis prior to Missouri primary

St. Louis had its day in the sun when presidential candidates Donald Trump (R), Ted Cruz (R), Hillary Clinton (D) and Bernie Sanders (I) came through town last week to court the electorate for votes before the Missouri primary, which took place on Tuesday, March 15. Trump and Clinton won a very tight primary election for their respective parties.

Both Clinton and Trump’s rallies garnered national attention. Protestors at Trump’s rally (March 11) shut down the event for a reported ten minutes, resulting in 32 arrests. The event foreshadowed what was to come at the candidate’s rally in Chicago later that day, which was postponed due to the violence between supporters and protestors. At her rally the next day, Clinton commented on the violence, saying Trump is committing “political arson” and “if you see a bully, you should stand up to him.”