New sorority Phi Mu joins Greek community

New sorority Phi Mu joins Greek community

Phi Mu may be new to Saint Louis University but it is actually the second-oldest secret society for women, coming second behind Alpha Delta Pi. SLU and Phi Mu share many core values. Both believe strongly in serving others, as SLU is a Jesuit institution and Phi Mu’s creed reflects their dedication to community service. Founded in 1852, less than 25 years after the University, some may be wondering why it took so long for the two to find each other.

The process of establishing a new chapter at a university takes time. Many may have noticed as early as April 2015 that consultants from Phi Mu headquarters were on campus, already gearing up for their first recruitment coming later this month.

However, Phi Mu at SLU had been in the works for much longer than just since last spring. It is up to the university to decide if it can support another sorority, and when/if that decision is made, the appeal is sent out to the extension teams for organizations.

New Chapter Specialist for Phi Mu, Whitney Wright shared a few words about the process. “When SLU opened for extension we sent in our packet to be considered. From there, we were invited to present to the campus and eventually were chosen to be the group to join the Panhellenic community!”

Once selected, the consultants for the new chapter went to work. Coming into a smaller Greek community compared to those at a public university, it is important to understand the dynamic. “The hopes when opening a new chapter is that we can join the Greek community and help to make it stronger, but also offer a different experience to students and making our chapter unique while trying to fit in with the campus norms,” says Wright.

The recruitment process is one of those experiences that will be different for students, at least as Phi Mu finds its home on campus.

Rather than formal recruitment, those interested in Phi Mu will go through a much more casual recruitment, as the goal is to attract students who may have been weary about going through the traditional process.

“There are 3 requirements for our process: (1) You must register on; (2) You must schedule and attend a one-on-one interview; and (3) You must attend at least one recruitment event.

The interview and recruitment events are casual, get-to-know-you kind of events.” These events offer a great opportunity for students to decide whether or not they can see themselves as a part of this sisterhood without the pressure of formal recruitment that can deter potential new members.

Recruitment for Phi Mu begins Sept. 26th. What are the hopes for the chapter as the date quickly approaches? “My hopes for our members is that we provide for them a sense of comfort and community at college, that we provide them with the best memories and greatest friends, that they will be challenged and grow into confident young women,” shares Wright.

After shining during the extension process and months of preparation, the Phi Mu team is excited to welcome its new members home.

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