Pause For Opinion: Fiona Clair

The University News’ Opinion Editor Fiona Clair’s Podcast on Homelessness and Labra


Thank you for joining us for the first full episode of Pause for Opinion! This week I am talking about homelessness with a group of students from Labre at Saint Louis University.

If you are looking to get involved with Labre you can email [email protected], and if you want to donate to the organization you can Venmo @slu_labre. Also, check out this video to see Labre in action!

This being the first episode, I ask that you be patient with the little bugs and faux pas I made as I continue to learn more about sound editing and podcasting! Also get pumped for the new Pause for Opinion theme song that is being composed by Genna Hilbing. The theme will be released/aired on the next episode!

A special thanks to the University News Editorial Board, the SLU Communication Department, Labre, and KSLU.

Thanks for listening 🙂

Being willing to build off those mistakes (of being open to someone), apologize when you see them again and interact with them again, that is another good first step and another way for build up to interact with our friends… interact with people experiencing homelessness.

— Andrew, Co Head Of Publications of Labra