Shots Fired Near Campus on April 26

Riley Mack, Staff Writer

On Thursday, April 26, SLU students received phone calls, text messages and email alerts of shots fired near campus. The shooter was at the Grandview Apartment complex, just across the street from Reinert Residence Hall, which houses more than 500 male and female freshmen and sophomore students. The affected area is a common route to West Pine for students who live in Reinert or ICON Student Spaces.

Students were given the initial message at 9:46 a.m. to avoid the area until the situation was resolved. Three minutes later, students received notice that the shooter was put into custody, and that St. Louis Police and SLU Public Safety were on the scene. However, the message mentioned that students should still stay clear of the area.

At 10:27 a.m., the area was cleared, and students were given notice that they could resume all regular activities near the complex. Still, hours later, police cars and residences crowded the scene. No statement about the shooter or the nature of the crime has been released yet.