Convenient Caffeine Fixes on and around SLU’s Campus


Being a college student means becoming accustomed to constant exhaustion. Whether it’s due to late-night study sessions or early-morning classes, sometimes our bodies just need a jumpstart to get through the day. The perfect remedy for this is a good ol’ cup of coffee. SLU’s campus provides many different locations to sit down for a cup of coffee or take it to go. While most students know Starbucks, some may not be aware of the other options for coffee on campus. Whether you are a coffee fanatic or you just drink it to survive the day, here are some of the best coffee places in a walkable distance from SLU’s campus. 


Kaldi’s Coffee:

Kaldi’s Coffee is a chill café located at 3900 Laclede Avenue. While Kaldi’s has other food and drink options, their coffee is by far my favorite item they have. Recently, I ordered the iced mocha-flavored coffee, and I really enjoyed it. Kaldi’s coffee is a good mix between sweet and bitter, so not one overpowers the other. I also felt very re-energized after having this. Kaldi’s isn’t too expensive, ranging usually around $2-6. Furthermore, they do offer a student discount for those attending SLU.


Café Ventana:

Café Ventana is another cute, trendy brunch restaurant and coffee shop located at 3919 Pine Blvd. This is the perfect location to sit down, order some coffee and relax or do homework. The atmosphere at Café Ventana is very laid-back and the coffee is exceptional. When I went, I chose to try the latte, which was very flavorful. In addition, it was not too bitter by any means. Normally I choose to put a good amount of milk and sugar in my coffee, but that wasn’t necessary here. 


Einstein Bros. Bagels:

Einstein Bros. Bagels is an American bagel and coffee chain located in SLU’s Pius XII Library. Before coming to SLU, I had never actually tried the coffee from Einstein Bros. Bagels, and it wasn’t until my friend recommended it that I tried it. Out of all the coffee, this was my personal favorite. I ordered an iced coffee and put caramel syrup on top. For people, like me, who don’t love super bitter coffee, I would recommend doing this. The syrup almost overpowered the bitterness of the coffee, but it still was just as energizing.