Study Spots for Study Habits


Whether it’s inside Pius XII Memorial Library or outside of the Center for Global Citizenship (CGC), every student needs a comfortable setting to complete their schoolwork. To accommodate nearly all study habits, SLU has incorporated many different areas on and around campus to ensure a successful education. Whether you need to work in complete silence or need a little background noise, there is a place for everyone. Aside from all of the known study spots around campus, there are still a few hidden gems.

Silent Study 

If you are someone who can only work in little-to-no noise, here are some options for you. Behind Samuel Cupples House, there is an array of chairs that sit in both the sun and the shade. It normally doesn’t get too busy, and the sound of the fountain provides a white noise effect, drowning out any voices. This next spot is geared mainly toward the residents and friends of residents of Fusz Hall. On the second floor of Fusz, there is a small sunroom that is perfect for writing essays. The dim lights and comfortable corners provide for a cozy and mostly silent atmosphere to do your homework. If most of your work is on a laptop or you are reading a book, you can never go wrong with visiting the hammocks past the clock tower. The hidden hammocks near Marguerite are almost always available and provide a shady spot that only has the quietest sounds of nature. 

Background Noise

For those students who like to have some background noise as they complete their work, the options are endless. A personal favorite is Kaldi’s coffee. Especially on a rainy day, Kaldi’s is one of the best places to sit by a window and listen to the rain pattering on the glass as you complete your assignments. The rich smell of coffee and light background conversation lifts the overall mood of the coffee shop. For a more central location, the Busch Student Center (BSC) holds a secluded study spot. As you head down the main stairs of the BSC, there is a large fountain with small tables surrounding that provide a soothing atmosphere, especially if you are note-taking. For an outdoor approach, the Chaifetz School of Business has tables near the small pond that are hidden. The secluded tables have a beautiful view of the growing summer flowers and the pond filled with fish. Many people are aware of going outside the CGC to work, but the small booths inside the CGC provide for a great environment to work with a group. The colorful booths presents a vibrant mood that can motivate and encourage you to keep working. So next time you are in need of a study spot that isn’t so busy, pick from these accommodating options!