Garbanzo- Mediterranean Fresh


Photo Courtesy of QSR Magazine.

Located in the Billiken’s Lair in Fusz Hall, Garbanzo had its official grand opening on Monday, Sept. 23, 2019. After much anticipation, SLU students were finally given the chance to try out the new Mediteranean restaurant. With lines out the door, the restaurant has already proven to be a hit on campus.

With many options on the menu, Garbanzo serves to meet many dietary restrictions, including vegetarian and vegan. There are four steps in creating your meal. First, you get the option to pick between a signature stuffed pita, salad, plate or wrap and what protein goes inside of it; this can be grilled chicken, falafel, sirloin steak, gyro, portobello, chicken kabob or steak kabob. Second, you can choose to fill it with different vegetables, hummus and rice. Third, you can add different sauces, including the classic Tzatziki. Lastly, you can complete it with a side, such as homemade fries or chips, cookies or even baklava. A typical meal should range between $6–$10 depending on what you choose to have, considering salads and plates are charged $2 more. Upon my first visit to Garbanzo, I purchased a bowl with falafel, lettuce, rice, hummus and the signature red sauce, and the total came out to be $9.19. The meal in itself was filled with many different flavors and provides for a unique new dining option at SLU.

Although the food thus far has had positive feedback, the restaurant has had some negative backlash due to its poor consideration toward freshmen. Garbanzo is located in the same strip as Subway and Qdoba, which both take meal exchanges past 5 p.m.; However, Garbanzo does not. Many students have disagreed with the location of Garbanzo, as it leads many freshmen to believe that the restaurant takes meal exchanges. Aside from this controversy, the Mediterranean restaurant is still popular among the university’s students. So, the next time that you are craving a gyro or falafel, be sure to check out Garbanzo from 11 a.m.–10 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 11 a.m.–8 p.m. on Fridays.