Last-Minute Halloween Costumes


When I was tasked with creating a list of the best last-minute Halloween costumes, I did not realize I would be needing my own advice so soon. And yet, two days later, my friends and I needed costumes so we could be properly attired when handing out candy to children in the dorms. Of course, we did not want to spend any money and we only had our limited closets to create the ultimate costume. Additionally, we were dressing up to hand out candy to children, so dressing as a sexy mouse was not going to be suitable. Based on those criteria, this is the list I compiled.



While many people may think of a ghost as the most boring, overused costume in Halloween history, I have never actually seen a ghost when trick or treating. A ghost is also classic Halloween. It is timeless and unisex. In order to make your perfect ghost, take a sheet and cut two holes, near the eye area. If you do not have an extra sheet in your dorm, walk to CVS and buy a plastic white tablecloth. 



When rifling through your closet, you may notice much of your clothing has been borrowed from decades past. Flare pants, a leather jacket and a funky belt can all be reused for a costume that is specific to a decade. While the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s are all fun decades to replicate, I commend the person who dares to replicate the early 2000s.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

If you have the colors grey, black, or white in your closet, you can pull this group costume off. In order to become a rock, simply wear an entirely grey outfit. If you would really like to go above and beyond, tape some bland, crinkled newspaper onto your torso to create the illusion of texture. To become a piece of paper, dress entirely in white. If you are feeling extra bland, tape a piece of white copy paper to your chest. Lastly, to become an authentic pair of scissors, wear black pants and a colorful top. To create the scissor handles, cut a piece of construction paper (same color as your top) into a large C. Tape the C shape to the bottom of your forearm to create a pair of scissors. After a quick 15 minutes of preparation, you are ready for…“rock, paper, scissors on three.”


THE Laziest Costume

For the person who has been dragged to a Halloween party against their will, we have a costume for you too. All you need is a name tag. Simply write a name, besides your own, on the name tag, and voila, your costume is complete!