SLU Fall Fashion Preview


SLU has some promising, but not surprising, styles to look forward to this fall. When walking down West Pine, be sure to find the casual statement pieces, that is, comfortable fall wear with a striking accessory or garment.

When thinking of fall styles, many of us think of picking pumpkins in flannels, going on crisp walks in riding boots and snuggling up with a cozy sweater. This fall’s style seems to stay the course with all of that—but with small twists. Many people are afraid of experimenting with a new trend, but some are bored of the same-old fall fashions. Are you thinking of adding a large workshirt, a head bandana, or experimenting with patterns? Lucky for you, some students gave insight to what your plan of action for a fresh fall look could be.

Becca Cary, a senior studying communication, told me she identifies as having a “comfy-caszh[casual]-cute” style. Cary plans on utilizing all the common staples of fall fashion such as t-shirt dresses, infinity scarves and a good sweater. But she also plans to experiment a little: “I really want to try out thigh-high socks, like under boots… I think it’d be really cute if the sock matched the sweater.” Cary told me this fits within her style—looking put together, but not overdone. By leaning in to current styles and also putting a small spin on it, you get the best of both worlds.

That was similar to the theme I found with junior Joe Solaro, who studies philosophy and Italian. Solaro tells me one of his main fall staples is his fur-lined denim jacket. But this autumn he wants to add another layer—literally and figuratively. Solaro claims he has his set style, which really does not see major changes from year to year, but he wants to add a few new statement-making pieces. Among those are leather boots or a work shirt, which is a long-sleeve button up usually made of a thicker material with a more angular form. Of course Solaro plans on making outfits with the common flannels and sweaters – he just wants to “add complexity to an outfit,” and to “venture beyond just a solid color.”

This may seem tricky, but one good investment in an item you have had in mind for a while—like those thigh-high socks for Cary, or that work shirt for Solaro—could be your way in to Fall 2019’s casual statement of style. As Cary recommended for all SLU students, “Take more risks” … “It’s such an easy way to show your personality more.”

When thinking of how fall fashion will be in 2019, the answer is that it will be pretty similar to the past. What will make a difference is the unique ways SLU students will make their casual statements with a not-so-subtle accessory or garment.