Tame Impala’s New Album “The Slow Rush”


After nearly five years, fans were blessed with Tame Impala’s new album “The Slow Rush.” The Australian band released their fourth official studio album on Feb. 14, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. Considering the band had not released an album since July of 2015, fans were beyond ecstatic to hear what the psychedelic rock band had in store for them.


Tame Impala actually only consists of one person, Kevin Parker. Parker believed if he labeled himself as a band rather than a solo artist, he would gain more recognition. Although multiple people are present on stage, the only voice you hear on the album is Parker’s; he also writes, records and produces everything. Tame Impala first began in 2007 when Parker released some of his music to Myspace, which then gained lots of popularity. Within the next year, Tame Impala was signed to a record label, and it only went up from there. 


The highly anticipated album “The Slow Rush” is a stray away from the sounds of previous albums. There is not one way to describe this album, as there is a diverse range of sounds and styles. With a mixture of psychedelic, pop, rock, electric and many more sounds, the album as a whole is a long-awaited masterpiece. The album begins with the track “One More Year,” which talks about the meaning of time and not following its constrictions and rather following a personal factor. The continuation of the lyrics “One More Year” emphasizes the need to not follow the restrictions of a societal timeline. The finishing track “One More Hour” continues with the ongoing theme of time as Parker reflects on his past, present and future. In similarity to the first track, there is a repetition of the lyrics “One More Hour,” representing Parker’s realization that, instead of a year, there is only an hour. 


Some of my personal favorites from the album include “Breathe Deeper,””Lost in Yesterday” and “Instant Destiny.” The album has performed beyond expectations and Parker’s hard work has truly paid off. In the week that it came out, it was battling the number one position for album of the week against Justin Beiber, and it has also gained significant chart standings. 


All in all, the hype that this album has received is well deserved. From the intellectual and personal lyrics to the diversity of sounds, “The Slow Rush” is not an album to be overlooked.