How to Stay Healthy While Staying at Home

How to Stay Healthy While Staying at Home

Now, more than ever, it is important to stay active and occupied at home. Some people are turning to structured at-home workouts in order to stay in shape, while others are choosing more flexible approaches. Regardless of the method, there are many ways to stay active and healthy during quarantine. 

As more time passes, it is becoming apparent that stay-at-home orders will be in effect longer than originally anticipated. With no immediate end in sight, it is crucial to keep both the mind and body engaged while staying at home. Many people are choosing to workout indoors, but as long as social distance is maintained, exercise can be done outside as well. 

Many celebrities and influencers have gone to Instagram and other social media outlets to post their at-home workout routines for others to follow along. There are also many licensed trainers and fitness instructors offering free or discounted workout videos. These types of videos also make it easy for multiple family members or roommates to exercise together.

“My go-to workout is a long walk around my neighborhood, or I really like doing free classes that I find online!” said senior communications student Becca Cary, “I’ll do them with my roommate or family and that really helps motivate me.”

On the other hand, some people are opting for a more personalized or casual approach to fitness during quarantine. Some people are walking their dogs more frequently, jogging around the block or even doing some yoga. There are many independent and more relaxing options for staying fit as well—structured workouts are not the only option. 

Regardless of how they choose to stay active, there is no question that many people are struggling to stay motivated in the first place. It is easy to become complacent when stuck at home, but it is important, for both the mind and body, to get up and move as much as possible. Conversely, some people are taking advantage of the free time and filling it with exercise to keep themselves occupied.  

“I’m actually finding it easier to stay motivated,” said sophomore civil engineering student Julie Gaona, “It gives me something to do rather than constantly complaining about being bored.”

Maintaining both mental and physical health is very important during this trying time. There is an abundance of research pointing to the importance of exercise for managing mental health. These are uncertain times, but staying active is a beneficial tactic for relieving stress