How to Stay in Touch With the People You Miss While Still Social Distancing


Sara Qalbani

Watching “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix Party with a friend.

When everyone is stuck inside their homes and practicing social distancing, you don’t get the opportunity to see the people you normally do on a regular basis. Whether it’s friends or families, it can get tiring doing the same things with the same people in your house. Here are a few ways that you can stay in touch and interact with the people you miss while still social distancing. 


Netflix Party:

This extension to Google Chrome gives Netflix users the opportunity to watch the same thing at the same times as anyone who joins the party. The way it works is by having one member of the group begin the party and send the link to anyone else who wants to join. While the movie or TV show is playing, a chat room appears on the side. The chat room gives members the ability to discuss and react to whatever is playing. This is a very useful application as it prevents any glitches or delays that may occur while screen sharing on other applications. So when you miss having movie nights, this is the perfect way to stay connected.


Multiplayer Games:

It may seem like a simple solution, but that’s because it is. Online multiplayer games have been around long before any of the advanced technology we have now. Multiplayer games are some good ways to escape your boredom. Whether it’s on a computer or on your phone, you can get a group of friends together online and play a challenging game.


Find a Penpal:

One of the best ways to stay social and also continue making friends is to find a penpal, or even just send letters to your friends. If you’re like me, then you agree that there’s something special when you are delivered a handwritten note. Many schools and libraries have started programs where people are given a penpal to talk to during a stressful time like this. If you plan on sending and receiving letters make sure to sanitize it properly.


Interact At Home:

This last option actually involves interacting with the people that you are self-quarantined with. Although it gets boring in the same environment, there are ways that you add a little joy into your routine. One way is to amp up the dinner by having a themed night. You can have everyone in the house dress up according to theme and even go as far as having the food match with it. Another way is to bring out the board games. This may be a simple solution, but once you get the game going, it’s hard to stop.