Recent Album Releases Just In Time for Social Distancing


Graphic by Grace Dunlavy

In a time like this, one of the most simple ways to ease worry is to listen to some new music. Within the past month, artists have released new albums and singles seemingly in good timing for individuals who are social-distancing and need a little joy in their life. These are a few recommendations to add to your playlist:


Recent Album Releases


After Hours – The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s new album, “After Hours,” is a compilation of 14 phenomenal tracks, plus three bonus tracks on the deluxe edition. The album is a tide filled with waves of classic pop and rhythm and blues. A majority of these tracks reflect the emotions following romance, drugs, misery and sex. As the title follows, the prime time to listen to an album like this is, in fact, “After Hours.”.


Kid Krow – Conan Gray 

This indie pop gem of an album covers every single emotion in a series of 12 songs. From an upbeat sad pop hit like “Wish You Were Sober,” to tear jerkers like “Heather” and “The Story,” there are a variety of tunes under the umbrella of pop. The former youtuber combines themes of heartbreak and absence of happiness by confessing them in the form of lyrics. 


Sleepyhead – Cavetown

Robin Skinner, the name behind the artist “Cavetown,” releases his new album “Sleepyhead.”This collection of 11 songs all follow a similar indie sound that makes for a perfect soundtrack for an evening at home. A few of my personal favorite tracks include, “Sweet Tooth” and “Pyjama Pants.”


Although all of these albums are brilliant, not everyone wants to spend time digging through an album to find the tracks that best align with their tastes. Therefore, this is a list of recently released songs that are perfect to add to your playlist:


  • OK – Wallows
  • Things Won’t go my Way – Peach Tree Rascals
  • Julia – Jeremy Zucker 
  • Waste – LovelyTheBand
  • Young and Alive – Bazzi
  • quiet motions – mxmtoon
  • Still – Niall Horan