This Moment in Music: SLU’s Top 50-ish Tunes

Music is the heartbeat of our world. It takes us to different places, brings us joy, reminds us of sad memories and so much more. We hear music and it bonds us with other people, and sometimes creates relationships. When listening, we often compare songs to older songs or figure out the sample beat they are using.

This article is an opportunity to be a time capsule of music for our generation. I will be sharing the top choices of music from 52 students with a reasoning for some, a few recommendations, and the best response for why a student loves music.

Just as a note, I am not ranking the music from my preferences, just in the order they were received. Starting with the top 52 choices of music from students.

  1. Right Where You Left Me by Taylor Swift
  2. Back in Blood by Pooh Shiesty
  3. King of the Fall by The Weeknd
  4. Honest by The Neighbourhood
  5. Who Got Me by Alina Baraz
  6. Smithereens by Twenty One Pilots
  7. Bethlehem by Will Butler
  9. Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons
  10. PTSD by Pop Smoke
  11. DO A B***H by Kali
  12. The Other Side of Paradise by Glass Animals
  13. Our Song by Rainbow Kitten Surprise
  14. Love Story (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift
  15. Best I Ever Had by Drake
  16. Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift
  17. Bruised Not Broken by Matoma
  18. Go Crazy by Chris Brown
  19. Glad You Exist by Dan & Shay
  20. Run by Hozier
  21. Diana by Pop Smoke
  22. Honeybee by Head and the Heart
  23. Broken Clocks by SZA
  24. Invisible String by Taylor Swift
  25. Carry On by Xxxtentacion
  26. Don’t Blame Me by Taylor Swift
  27. When a Man Loves a Woman by Michael Bolton
  28. Family Don’t Matter by Young Thug
  29. 20 Min by Lil Uzi Vert
  30. Yes I’m Changing by Tame Impala
  31. Rhumba Man by Jimmy Buffet
  32. Squeeze by Ghostmane
  33. Monsoon by Hippo Campus
  34. I Think He Knows by Taylor Swift
  35. I’ll Get Along by Michael Kiwanuka
  36. Faith by The Weeknd
  37. Make No Sense by NBA Youngboy
  38. Winter by Moneyman
  39. Shotta Flow 5 by NLE Choppa
  40. Headache by Grouper
  41. Veridis Quo by Daft Punk
  42. Some Kind of Game by Against All Logic
  43. No Body No Crime by Taylor Swift
  44. Lost In Yesterday by Tame Impala
  45. New Slaves by Kanye West
  46. The Morning by The Weeknd
  47. Paper Rings by Taylor Swift
  48. Well-Rehearsed by The Naked and Famous
  49. You’re So Cold by Two Feet
  50. Stuck On You by Giveon 
  51. Chiquitita by ABBA
  52. May I by Flo Milli

All students had different reasons for these being their top music choice. Conor Van Santen (song Lost In Yesterday) says, “the meaning of the lyrics—that nostalgia is contagious and alters our real perception of the past.” Liv Gartlan (song No Body No Crime) says, “the rhythm is addictive and the vocals are haunting.”  Maria Cieslarczyk (song Smithereens) says, “it’s beautiful and all of their music is so poetic and makes me feel alive and emotionally heard.” Julia Ouellette (song The Morning) says, “His lyrics are soft but the music is full if that makes sense?” Maasai Rodgers (song Honest) says, “It’s emotional, had a beautiful build in the beginning & is just *chef’s kiss*”

There were many recommendations as well from students, however I will list 10 random selections.

  1. You by Barry Louis Polisar 
  2. Rosetta by Chuck Sutton
  3. Pockets Bigger by Flo Milli 
  4. Rolling Stone by The Weeknd
  5. Blue Tacoma by Russell Dickerson
  6. Viagra Boys by To The Country
  7. Death by The Naked and Famous
  8. At My Worst by Pink Sweats and Kehlani
  9. In the 90s by Qveen Herby
  10. Quesadilla by Walk the Moon

If you need more music recommendations, Celia Searles (song Monsoon) says, “Tik Tok is a great place for finding music! There are a lot of users who dedicate their page to helping you find new/underground music in whatever genre you are into!”

*Note: 52 respondents were made up of 28 juniors, 12 seniors, 8 sophomores, and 4 freshman*