Black History Month and Women’s History Month: Celebrating the Intersectionality of Marginalized Groups

Black History Month and Women’s History Month fall back-to-back. Black History Month is a mere 28 (sometimes 29) days while Women’s History Month is typically a full 31 days. Both are very important and celebrate the intersectionality of the marginalized groups. The bridging of the months address the double oppression that women of color, particularly Black women, experience due to their marginalized racial and gender identities. To celebrate both months, a few people answered a question about a black woman they admire and why—whether it be a family member, celebrity, friend or mentor.

Devon Blumenshine admires actress, comedian, writer and television and podcast host Nicole Byer. Devon states that “she’s just her authentic self and she doesn’t care if people don’t like it and she makes things fun!” Byer is a black woman in the field of comedy dominated by white men and women. Blumenshine admires her for this fact as well.

Ryan Staples admires African-American Studies secretary Dana Guyton. As a freshman, his first semester on campus came with some issues—including a feud with other students on campus. Her guidance was invaluable to Staples and helped guide him to make the right decisions.

Staples says, “The second you walk into [the] African-American Studies [department], you feel the love, the laughs, and the wisdom that she brings to everyday life. Nobody on this campus is as influential as Mrs. Dana.”

Lauren Hamby loves singer, rapper, songwriter and flutist Lizzo. She believes that Lizzo is a true inspiration. Lizzo fights fatphobia and racism, which is what has drawn Lauren to love her.

Conor Van Santen admires civil rights activist, philosopher, academic and author Angela Davis. Van Santen believes that Davis is a “icon of the Civil Rights Movement.” Davis has fought for and still fights for the rights of marginalized people. Her advocacy has inspired many generations of women to this day.

I look up to my mother Lisa Collins. She is there for me every step of the way in life and has encouraged me to do what is best for me. Other than being the best mom out there to me, she is also a mom to all of my friends and more. She has cooked a meal for one of my friends whose parents moved out of state once we graduated from high school

Claire Battista admires four black women who are political activists and entertainers: Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Kamala Harris (Instagram: @kamalaharris) and Stacey Abrams. Washington and Davis were lead characters in her favorite shows. Both characters and actresses have strong and confident personalities and are all around smart and amazing. 

Battista says, “I admire Harris for all the boundaries she’s broken and will continue to break in politics. Seeing people that look like you in positions of power is extremely important, and Harris will be that role model for millions of women.”

Battista admires Abrams (Instagram: @staceyabrams) for her hard and incredible work in helping to flip Georgia blue. She admires her tireless efforts combating voter suppression and making underrepresented voices heard.