City Foundry STL Opening in Sight


Photo courtesy of City Foundry STL

City Foundry STL, a 14-acre plot that is set to become a Midtown hub and public market, has been an object of interest for the SLU community since the announcement of its transformation in the summer of 2016. After delaying its grand opening in August, the Foundry is now expected to be complete by the end of spring 2021. 

SLU students eagerly await the opening:  “I’m super excited about [City Foundry] coming together, this is something that everyone’s been looking forward to since [my] freshman year,” said Danielle Taylor, a sophomore SLU student

City Foundry STL sits along the I-64 interstate on Forest Park Avenue, and is at the center of Midtown and near the Grand Center area of St. Louis. Various sources of dining and entertainment are expected to emerge in the City Foundry area, including an event space, a food hall, offices, shops and a theatre. Spaces which are sure to be popular include Press Waffle Co, Kalbi Taco Shack and the Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. 

About 100 years ago, in 1929, the area that City Foundry STL currently sits on was owned by the Century Electric company, which produced internationally-sold generators and motors. 

In August of 2016, City Foundry STL first announced that the area would be updated from an old manufacturing factory site to an upbeat, social hub for the surrounding St. Louis community. 

As planning continued, more retail and financing was added on, with the final project estimated to cost around $340 million. In April of 2018, demolition began, with construction finally beginning at the site in July. 

Initially, City Foundry STL was expected to be open spring of 2020, however COVID-19 provided a unique challenge for the Foundry team. Many public elements of City Foundry STL halted their plans, but steadily, they’ve begun to organize an opening, while still planning to follow COVID-19 precautions. 

Recently, it was announced that an outdoor concert series is underway at the Foundry, and will host local acts until June 23. The Floozies, Andy Frasco and John Moreland lined up to perform. The concert series is being hosted in collaboration with Jamo Presents, an independent concert promoter and venue management company. 

“Seventeen of the first 24 indoor shows at City Foundry sold out,” said Drew Jameson of Jamo Presents. “There aren’t many places out there right now in the country where you can see live music up to four nights a week in a socially distanced setting – especially outdoors.”

Amidst COVID-19, City Foundry STL has prevailed and remains on track to open and be a hub for the St. Louis community.