Welcome back – take some time for yourself

Welcome back, Billikens! If you frequent Simon Recreation Center, you will quickly notice that SLU encourages an active campus. Just two years ago, the Rec center underwent construction to accommodate updated equipment and a renovated look. At certain times of the day, it can be nearly impossible to claim a weight rack. There are wellness clubs, club and intramural sports teams, group fitness classes and countless other wellness opportunities that reside within the Rec’s walls. Not everyone on campus is interested in sports—and that’s fine! There is certainly plenty of interest in physical wellbeing, which has promoted the opportunity to step away from an entirely sports section and provide a space to get the latest on wellness trends. 

Wellness is synonymous with fitness in modern terminology. Therefore, both words fit into the world of sports. Many people argue that mental wellbeing correlates directly to athletic performance. Health seems to fit seamlessly into the world of sports. An important part of training, as is becoming more popular, is cross-training. Doing such can reduce risk of injury and encourage health on a larger scale rather than simply specializing in the muscles and skills needed for a specific sport. It is also important to note that cross-training is much different than CrossFit. While CrossFit has developed into a sport in its own right, cross-training is an extremely useful tool for reducing stress on overworked muscles, while encouraging the strength of others that may not be commonly used, but could be beneficial in preventing injury. 

As you step into a new semester, we want to encourage you to give new things a try, and start the semester on a high note. Here is a circuit you can try at your next visit to the Rec’s racks!

Warm Up:

10 Minute Jog – Perfect conditioning for when you have a 9-9:50 a.m. in Ritter, and a 10 a.m. in Beracha!


At the Rack

3×10 Front Squat – To prep your form for all that sitting you’ll be doing this semester.

3×10 Barbell Shrugs – Get those lats ready for a bookbag full of textbooks.

3×8 Deadlifts – To practice picking up around your dorm/apartment.

3×8 Shoulder Press – To prep for answering all your professor’s questions.

Free Weights

3×10 Bicep Curls – To practice picking up all those books you’ll be reading.

3×8 (Each Arm) Single Arm Bench Press – So you can punch out your frustration on your pillow with purpose. 

3×8 (Each Leg) Single Leg RDL – For picking up around the apartment/dorm.

3×10 Good Mornings – To strengthen your back for those walks to class with a heavy backpack. 


20 Sit Ups- For when you wake up late to class.

30 Medicine Ball Twists – For when you need to find that spot in bed that’s perfect for a nap.

3 Reps Each Side Farmer’s Carry – To practice carrying groceries most efficiently. 

1 Minute Plank – To center yourself and remind yourself how strong you are!