SLU Students Get a “Fresh” Offering at Fresh Thyme

At Fresh Thyme, students can find a healthy and local alternative to many chain grocers and food brands.

From farm to local business; from local business to Fresh Thyme; from Fresh Thyme to SLU students’ bags: the newest local grocery store has arrived. 

Fresh Thyme, located at 3730 Foundry Way, is only a five minute walk from SLU’s campus. The building is located in the City Foundry, a public indoor/outdoor market that has a variety of restaurants in the food hall along with event space that can be leased to pop ups such as live music, yoga classes and art vendors. With the addition of Fresh Thyme to the City Foundry, the lot is beginning to blossom with businesses, food, culture, events and life. 

The friendly atmosphere is encountered upon first walking into Fresh Thyme, as the walkway is surrounded by a variety of vibrant flowers, and the workers greet customers with a smile and a wave. Walking through the store, workers consistently ask the customers if they need assistance or simply how their day is going. 

Local businesses are also happy to be represented in Fresh Thyme. In fact, most of the produce and meat are from local farmers. There is a pastry section in the store where St. Louis based companies such as King Cookie, Whisk and Prioritized Pastries are represented. Fresh Thyme also does some self-promotion by advertising their “grind your own nut butter” station. From classic peanuts to honey-roasted peanuts to almonds to cashews, customers can use the nut grinding machine to make their own nut butter to their preferred quantity and type. Although this new phenomenon may not be incredibly popular just yet, with aspects of sustainability and eco-friendly practices being priorities of companies, Fresh Thyme is starting strong.

Customers who are shopping for non-local, general brands can still find them at Fresh Thyme, in addition to apothecary and personal care items. Although the national brands are sold at their regular retail price, the local St.Louis brands and farm-to-table produce and meats are sold at affordable prices that are considered cheaper than other organic brands from competing grocery stores. Some call Fresh Thyme a combination of Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Aldi. 

Whether someone is in a rush and only has time for a grab-and-go item, or if one is taking time to sit down in the cafe area for lunch with friends, Fresh Thyme caters to a wide audience. Furthermore, customers will feel good about shopping locally and supporting small businesses. With the City Foundry right next door, this little nook in the West Midtown/SLU neighborhood is a positive addition to the area bringing business, social spots and healthy options.