SLU’s Very Own Pod: “That’s So Sunday”

“That’s So Sunday” is a podcast hosted by none other than two Saint Louis University juniors offering relatable support and advice right to college students’ ears. Hosts Rose Agnew and Isa Baca, who are Occupational Therapy majors at SLU, had discussions about starting a podcast together. The opportunity arose when they took the course, Development of Humans as Occupational Beings. When a class assignment asked students to create a new occupation, the girls selected podcasting, and the “That’s So Sunday” podcast was born. 

“We’ve always wanted to do a podcast together,” says Agnew, who described the “debriefings” the girls conducted every weekend, when they held discussions of all nature. The title of the podcast, “That’s So Sunday,” comes from the girls’ united love of the day and their characterization of activities like picnics and long walks together. 

From sharing much-needed tips from Agnew and Baca’s abroad adventures in Madrid to relationship advice and deep conversations with their friends, “That’s So Sunday” is a college student manifesto. 

Each episode begins with Agnew, Baca and any guests sharing something they are thankful for and something that makes them happy. These “affirmations,” as Agnew calls them, came from their time rooming together as sophomores. They believe that starting the podcast with optimism is an important feature of their narrative. Baca says, “If you’re having a bad day, we’re starting on a positive note.” When asked to describe their podcast in just a few words, Agnew and Baca had similar answers: uplifting, happy, communal and therapeutic.

“That’s So Sunday” has a conversational feel, and this is intentional. When it comes to planning a brand new episode, there is rarely a script involved. Instead, the pair  pick a general topic of discussion while sharing an Apple Notes page during which they shoot thoughts back and forth.

Upon launching the podcast in  September 2021, Agnew and Baca were overwhelmed by the support. Encouragement like this from fellow Saint Louis University students has kept Agnew and Baca planning for the future of “That’s So Sunday.” Not expecting a class project to grow into something students would love, the two are happy knowing that people out there are listening. Agnew says, “People will come up to us and be like ‘I love your podcast and it made my day.’” 

Both Agnew and Baca note that their favorite part of making the podcast is that the podcast is a way for them to connect with SLU’s students. For Baca, “That’s So Sunday” is a chance for her to voice her thoughts and have it “mean something because someone is listening.” In a small community like SLU’s, it is comforting enough to know others are experiencing similar day-to-day occurrences, but it may be even more reassuring to know that these things are being voiced out loud. 

Agnew and Baca sum their podcast up perfectly: listen for a different perspective of life on campus. For the upcoming semester, the two are working hard on new content, such as introducing new fresh segments, relationship advice, and sequels to their most popular episodes. They are also planning to design merch to help spread “That’s So Sunday” along West Pine. The next time you are looking for ‘big-sister’ advice, or need a break from schoolwork, grab a cup of coffee and tune into “That’s So Sunday” for profound thoughts and advice.