What are SLUdents listening to?

(Michael Werner/ The University News)

Have you ever walked past someone wearing headphones on campus and wondered what they were listening to? Have you ever tried to guess? If you pay attention, the one thing almost every student has in common, whether it be while walking class-to-class or taking a stroll, is that they are enjoying music. Finally, the answer to all your questions: what are SLUdents listening to?

Saint Louis University has a student population of about 13,287. With that many people swarming around you, it can be difficult to have a feeling of singularity and authenticity. Music means something different to everyone, but that connection to music is what ties individuals together. For some students at SLU, listening to music is the only way to feel a sense of individuality on this crowded campus. Even so, one’s favorite artist or album might be the only thing they have in common with the nameless undergraduate passing them on their way to class. 

Students were asked the simple question, “What are you listening to?” in an attempt to provide an outlet of expression and the potential to connect a campus through music. A total of 135 students submitted responses. In all of these submissions, the only “favorite song” repeated more than once was Kendrick Lamar’s “N95.” Listed below are the top five most listened to albums:

  1. “Superache” – Conan Gray
  2. “Harry’s House” – Harry Styles
  3. “’Awaken, My Love!’” – Childish Gambino
  4. “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers” – Kendrick Lamar
  5. “WASTELAND” – Brent Faiyaz

Top five most listened to artists:

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Conan Gray 
  3. The Weeknd
  4. Bad Bunny
  5. Morgan Wallen

Top five major related music statistics:

  1. Nursing majors are more likely to listen to music while studying.
  2. Psychology majors are more likely to listen to either rap or indie rock.
  3. Environmental Science/Studies majors are more likely to listen to Conan Gray.
  4. English majors are more likely to listen to bedroom pop.
  5. Computer Science majors are more likely to listen to Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN.”

To give a voice to the individuals that wished to elaborate, three students were chosen to further expound on some of their answers and express how music makes them feel. Lele Dlamini, who is studying abroad this semester, shared why she finds music so important. “I certainly feel like music is one of those things that, even if it’s in a different language, it’s universal… Like people with K-pop,” Dlamini says, “I don’t listen to K-pop… but you see the way that it unites a whole group of people from around the world and you’re like, ‘Wow, that is incredible.’” She expands by saying, “Music is just so interesting and it’s [fascinating] to see the way that different people use it… When it’s done well, it’s done really really well.” Dlamini’s  favorite playlist is attached below.

Computer Science major Camille Daugherty shared insight on her favorite artist, Royal Blood, by saying, “So Royal Blood is a little bit out there considering I have not met a single person who knows who [they are], but they’re super big over in the UK. They’re … kind of like riff driven blues rock … it’s great. They’ve kind of just been with me for a long time … I think the special thing about them, for me at least, is that there’s not one song of theirs that is bad … Like Royal Blood, literally put it on shuffle– every single song, I recommend it.”

SLU Senior Sophie Ware did not try to hide her infatuation with Harry Styles during her interview. When asked about her obsession with the British Pop Star, Ware answered, “Yeah, it’s kind of one of those things where I’m like, ‘When will it end?’ Because … I was a huge One Direction kid… I’d wake up at four in the morning to listen to their interviews in the UK. What was wrong with me? … And then when Harry [became a solo artist], I was like, ‘Oh, this is cool.’ And that just hasn’t stopped since. I just feel like he represents good things. I think that’s why people gravitate towards him so much…”

Everyone has a reason why their favorite artist is their favorite and why that artist’s  most-popular album is always on repeat. That love of music has the potential to unify individuals from the farthest corners of SLU’s campus. There are a plethora of responses provided by students as to how music makes them feel, but to put it simply, Tyler Boley says “Music is the closest thing to real magic.” Real magic supplies an individual with the ability to be both distinctive and united.

(What are SLUdents listening to playlist)