Top 8 Easter Eggs of “Hocus Pocus 2”

” I smell…[nostalgia].” On Sept. 30, 2022, Disney released “Hocus Pocus 2,” the sequel to one of the most renowned Halloween movies in the last 30 years. Mirroring the storyline of the original movie, “Hocus Pocus 2” retells the Sanderson sisters’ attempts to achieve eternal youth and beauty by stealing the souls of children. Meanwhile, a group of teenagers, who accidentally brought the sisters back to modern day Salem by lighting the black flame candle, try to stop the sisters from wreaking havoc on the town.

Many of the sisters’ quirky characteristics are continued in “Hocus Pocus 2,” including the calming circle, Mary’s crooked smile, Sarah’s obsession with the word “amok,” and their iconic walk. Some of these references to the first movie are more hidden, though. As eternal as the sisters themselves, the Easter eggs throughout this movie are limitless. Twisting classic pieces of the original movie with a modern approach, here are the top ten hidden references in “Hocus Pocus 2.”

Mary’s new ride

When the sisters are in need of a ride on their quest for eternal youth and beauty, Winifred finds a broom, but Sarah and Mary are left to find their own rides. So, Sarah finds a Swiffer mop, and Mary puts robot vacuums on each of her feet. This scene mirrors a scene from the original movie when Winifred takes the only available broom while Sarah rides a traditional mop and Mary rides a vacuum cleaner. The Swiffer mop and robot vacuum provide a more contemporary and playful approach to the scene, making it a relatable and humorous experience for viewers of all ages.

Gilbert’s impeccable memory

Gilbert, a new character in the “Hocus Pocus 2” cast, is obsessed with the Sanderson sisters and even owns a magic shop in their old house. One night while closing his shop,

Gilbert whistles “I Put a Spell on You” – the entrancing song sung by the sisters during the town’s adult-only-Halloween party to distract the town from their havoc-wreaking. 

An homage to Thackery Binx

“Hocus Pocus 2” begins with a scene of the witches’ past featuring young Winifred, Sarah, and Mary. In the scene, the sisters are exiled from their community, so they run to the woods. There, they meet Mother Witch, who gives them their treasured spell book. As Winifred looks through the book, she notes a transformation spell, which she used in the original movie to transform Thackery Binx into a black cat. Thackery helps the original teenagers defeat the sisters by showing them how the magical spell book works and helping them escape from the terror of the sisters. Thackery is further referenced through Cobweb, Gilbert’s black cat. While Cobweb may not be able to talk like Thackery, he still aids in the defeat of the Sanderson sisters. 

The sisters’ obsession with miniature ladies

In “Hocus Pocus 2,” while chasing after Mayor Traske, the sisters enter a home and accidentally trigger a smart home device. Mary becomes intrigued by the “tiny woman” inside the device’s speaker, which mirrors a scene from the original movie when the sisters enter someone’s home and meet a man in a devil costume, played by Garry Marshall, who tells them he is going to get his wife, the “little woman.” Mary becomes excited by the idea of a “little woman,” saying she “sounds tasty.” Eventually, the all-powerful sisters are kicked out by the little woman who just wants to watch TV in her living room. 

A nod to Dani

Yet another reference to a character from the original movie, the costume of Mother Witch closely resembles Dani’s Halloween costume. In the original “Hocus Pocus,” Dani was a fierce little girl who aided in defeating the Sanderson sisters by standing up to them for their antics to kidnap other children in the town. To honor her disposition in the sequel, Mother Witch dons a red dress with sun imagery, a black cape and a red and yellow scarf, just like Dani wore in the original.

Madonna is “Back in Business”

In the original movie, Max and Dani’s mom, played by Stephanie Faracy, wears a Madonna costume at the town’s adult Halloween party. In “Hocus Pocus 2,” a woman in the same Madonna costume can be seen in the crowd of the town’s Halloween festival, drawing the audience to remember the original teenager’s parents who were entranced by the witches’ “I Put A Spell on You” song during the party. Because they were entranced, they could not help their kids defeat the sisters. 

“Bye bye”

In the final scene, the sisters float in the air and Mary says her signature “bye, bye” before disintegrating, a line she also says at the end of the first “Hocus Pocus.”  By recalling this classic line, the movie is wrapped up with a final bit of nostalgia before the sisters depart from the mortal world.

“Hocus Pocus 3”?

Are the Sanderson sisters really gone for good, though? Disney is known for including teasers in the credits of their movies, and “Hocus Pocus 2”is no exception. In the end of the movie, Cobweb is seen sitting next to a box labeled “B.F. #2.” Could this be a second black flame candle to bring the Sanderson sisters back yet again?

With so many hidden Easter eggs to uncover in “Hocus Pocus 2,” this movie provides an entertaining experience for all ages. The countless hints to the first movie evoke wonderful childhood nostalgia for “Hocus Pocus” fanatics, yet the movie is crafted so that it can also stand alone. For an iconic Halloween story that is sure to delight, check out “Hocus Pocus” and the new “Hocus Pocus 2!”