Mischief managed: SGA gives Dumbledore’s Army the broomstick

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Mischief managed: SGA gives Dumbledore’s Army the broomstick

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Topics addressed during the Student Government Association’s meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 11, highlighted student accomplishments and current conversations around campus. The bulk of discussion centered on four bills.
The first was an appeal by the Asian American Association (AAA) to fund their transportation, lodging and registration for the Midwest Asian American Student Union Conference at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The conference enables Asian American students to interact with Asian American leaders.

“The Asian American culture is one that’s really new to the United States, so it’s really difficult to find,” said the AAA representative. “This is one of the few opportunities that we have to experience this unique learning opportunity…we want to go to this conference and bring something back to SLU.”

Next, SLU’s chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers requested funding for their flights, lodgings and registration to a regional competition on circuit design, ethics and robotics in New Orleans from April 17-19. Eight SLU engineering students will participate and present papers.
The evening’s third bill would grant full-charter status to the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). The organization’s mission, recited in unison by the three student speakers and various affiliates seated around the room, “is to increase the number of culturally responsible, black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.”

Founded in 1975 at Perdue University, NSBE comprises over 30,000 national members and aims toward the recruitment and retention of African-American engineers. SLU’s NSBE chapter president, senior Brittany Kendrick, cited the “minimal amount of minorities represented” at Parks College as the organization’s primary motivation for existence on campus. Citing an alignment with SLU’s mission, the presenters outlined the society’s three tiers of academic success, professional development and community service.

The final bill of the evening de-chartered the Dumbledore’s Army, SLU’s Harry Potter fan group, due to consistent declines in membership in past years.

As the legislative portion of the meeting drew to a close, conversation turned to current controversy surrounding a proposed statue related to the Clock Tower Accords that marked the end of Occupy SLU last October. SGA president Ann Knezetic devoted several minutes to clarification. “There hasn’t been a final decision about the design, or what that wil ecstatic to learn about another culture.”