Meet the Editors

Editor in Chief: Diana

Fun fact: she met Fergie inside a Nordstrom.

Abby Campbell


Managing Editor: Gabby

Fun fact: the house she grew up in was haunted.

Abby Campbell


Design Editor: Ariana

Fun fact: she has met Chris Evans.

Abby Campbell


Design Editor: Evie

Fun fact: she has dyed her hair four times.

Abby Campbell


Opinion Editor: Penelope

Fun fact: she has never met another person named Penelope.

Abby Campbell


Opinion Editor: Steven

Fun fact: he can understand four languages.

Abby Campbell


Photography Editor: Paige

Fun fact: she has three pet turtles.


Photography Editor: Abby

Fun fact: her car’s name is Daffodil.

Abby Campbell


Arts & Life Editor: Aman

Fun fact: she loves to read, and her goal is to read 30 books this year.

Abby Campbell


Arts & Life Editor: Mark

Fun fact: he has been doing Taekwando for over 1o years.

Abby Campbell


News Editor: Katerina

Fun fact: in her free time, she enjoys photography and writing poetry.


News Editor: Ulaa

Fun fact: she is a self proclaimed coffee connoisseur.

Abby Campbell


Copy Editor: Juliette

Fun fact: she brews her own kombucha.

Abby Campbell

Copy Editor: Stasia

Fun fact: she has never been trick-or-treating.

Abby Campbell


Copy Editor: Morgan

Fun fact: her favorite movie is “Dirty Dancing.”


Sports Editor: Syndey

Fun fact: her hair is at least 2 feet long.

Abby Campbell